Programing the Future

Coding offers students a talent for a lifetime

Programing the Future

With technology evolving and a need for programmers increasing, many juggernauts of the technological world, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, say students should be taught how to code at a young age.

Coding is the language used to give orders to a program, like apps or video games. Most programs that people use on a daily basis have some type of code that makes it work.

When computer services tech  Brian Adams was younger, he attended H-F and found his love for programming.

“Programming affects our everyday lives. Almost all technology is programmed,” Adams said. “Just think how different our world would be without the Internet, cell phones or computers.  These are just a few, although arguably the most important, things that are not possible without programmers.”

Despite the increase of jobs in the computer science field, most schools do not consider computer science as a required math or science credit.

According to, nine out of 10 schools don’t even offer computer programing class.

Earlier this year, many of the leaders in technology released a video on YouTube about the importance of coding and programming.

They said teaching children of all ages could have an advantageous impact on their lives.

“Coding is something that everyone should experience in some aspect of their life,” computer science teacher Melissa Makovsky said.

She says teaching  students how to code at a young age will give them a better understanding in the future.

“Teaching children how to code will not only help them with everyday problem-solving but can help set them up with a skill that can last them a lifetime,” Makovsky said.

Senior Mason Riedel is enrolled in a Computer Science class this semester. He is interested in computers, and  he says that it’s a great experience for anyone who loves technology.

“With technology evolving everyday, [coding] is a great skill to have in your pocket for the future,” he said.

There are many apps and programs on the IOS app store and Google play market that teach children how to code.

Many websites use familiar cartoon characters to appeal to younger children.

There is a computer programming club that meets in G7 on Thursdays, and anyone who has any interest in programming can join.

“As our world becomes more and more technology dependent, the ability for programming to impact the world only grows,” says Adams.

The Club is also run by Makovsky ,and it allows students to learn how to use programs like Java and other programming software.