Crimson Titles: Alabama Football Dynasty


“Alabama vs. Houston” by Diamondduste is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Isaiah Adeleke, Opinion Editor

In 2007, The University of Alabama made the greatest decision of all time. They decided to hire head coach Nick Saban to lead their football team.

The start of the Alabama dynasty started with one player. There was a wide receiver named Julio Jones that everyone wanted their hands on, when he chose to sign with Saban and Alabama, it opened up the floodgates.

Since then, they have been in seven national championship games and have astonishingly won six of them.

That is pure dominance, and they do not look to be slowing down anytime soon after winning another championship this year.

I think the coolest fact about Alabama football is that every single recruit that has not gone to the NFL early or transferred has won at least one championship with Alabama,  meaning they haven’t gone four years without winning a championship.

The state of Alabama has no professional sports teams. In Alabama, college football means everything, and they have yet to be disappointed. How can a college football team be this dominant you may ask? You might be thinking it’s just signing the best high school recruits and you would be right.

Players love Nick Saban, and since 2007, no other college football program has brought in more four and five star recruits than the Crimson Tide. To get an accurate number, the next closest team in terms of recruiting four and five star talents is Ohio State, and they have 60 less.

High school football players simply just want to play at Alabama, and how can you blame them? In the Saban era, every recruit that didn’t transfer or go to the NFL early has won a championship.

Alabama’s football program is also really good because of how serious they take football. I mentioned before they don’t have any pro sports teams, so instead of having to share resources with other teams in their state, they get all of it.

They also spend the most money on football, and it is by a longshot. 10 percent of Alabama’s expenses goes into their football program, while the next high spending football program only uses five percent. In 2017, Alabama’s football program spent 62.3 million dollars on their football program.

Saban is the final piece that makes Alabama’s football program so good. Saban lives and dies by football. He doesn’t allow his players to talk to the media.

Even simple things like getting up to open the door is too much for Saban. He has a button on his desk to open the door because he believes the seconds it takes to get up and down from his desk are seconds he could spend doing something productive and football-related.

You can’t say it doesn’t work either. Alabama has the most NFL draftees since 2007. Saban pushing his players to work hard and be focused isn’t the only reason he is a good coach. His defensive playbook is 430 pages long, longer than NFL playbooks. Good luck scoring on Bama.

With a playbook longer than some NFL playbooks, the greatest coach of all time brining more five-star recruits than any other college it is not hard to see why Alabama became the greatest college football dynasty ever.