Social Media and Politics Just Shouldn’t Mix


Antwuan Sparks

4 of the worst tweets Donald Trump has put out throughout his time in office.

Antwuan Sparks, Op-Ed Editor

Social media is great entertainment and can be used as a tool for knowledge. Recently, what I have seen on social media throughout this pandemic has been terrible. Twitter has been used to spread false narratives and make jokes about things that really shouldn’t be joked about. 

Many jokes have been made regarding the deaths of two people in particular: George Floyd and Ashli Babbitt. George Floyd was a black male who was murdered by the police over a counterfeit dollar bill. This murder was a tragedy, but people on social media felt very opinionated about which led to a lot of people finally starting to speak up about injustice. Then you have the other side of Twitter. The other side of Twitter includes stories that show two men reenacting and mocking the death of George Floyd. This video blew up on Twitter and other social media platforms, it caused a lot of controversy. And this was before the Capitol riot ever even happened.

This was infuriating to see. When I first saw it on my timeline, I was frustrated and confused as to why. I felt like they didn’t have to do that, they weren’t even protesting anything they were just doing it to be disrespectful. I understand people want attention or feel very strongly about their political beliefs so they react differently to certain things. 

The ACAB(All Cops Are Bastards) was big at this point. I hate that movement so much because it categorizes all cops into one group based on a uniform and badge. The movement has grown significantly and often gets mixed in with the Black Lives Matter movement thanks to social media of course. But I would never react the way these two men did by reenacting an act of injustice and corruption done by the police just because I disagree with what happened.

Here’s the deal a man died for no reason, let’s take away the black versus white thing and face it. A human life was taken away over some cigarettes, so for you to be mocking this man’s death in such a way, then having people follow and support as you are doing it just shows how far we have fallen as a country morally. I’m not only going to call out the Trump supporters for their toxic actions on social media and adding more fuel to the flame.

You also have the Ashli Babbitt memes which in my eyes were in response to the many memes being made about George Floyd and various other people who have lost their lives to corrupt cops. 

Now, Ashi Babbitt actually committed a crime. She broke into the Capitol with the other rioters did she deserve to be arrested? Yes. But did she deserve to die? No. The point is she served for her country and just reacted to the election in a horrible way and made a bad decision. 

However, people should not be saying, “ She deserves what was coming to her.” The fact this woman even thinks like this is appalling. Ma’am, I hate to break it to you, but her going to that riot should not have ended in that way. How can you believe or think of yourself as a true patriot when you are proud of the death of someone who fought for the same country that you are so proud of?

One thing is clear here: I am not comparing George Floyd’s situation to Ashli Babbitt. Obviously, there is a huge difference between the two. The point is these people have families, and the fact that people are liking these posts is downright ugly and disgusting. 

This also furthers the idea that Trump supporters are all supremacists, racists, prejudiced and just evil people. I know Trump supporters who are neither of those things, so not only does this put them in a bad light but then again making fun of anyone who has died or even making a trend about that person’s death is just downright horrible white or black.

Another thing about social media that was very infuriating to see and read was the whole Trump saga on Twitter. From when he first got into the office until his ban, Trump has provoked me in many ways. But, the Capitol is my main concern as it endangered and caused a lot of people to do some very dumb things that could result in prison time. 

Also, Trump was literally lying to the people he told to go protest at the capitol, Trump simply should have just given up and called it a day. Then on top of that, he advocated at first for the vandalism of the capitol. Even though I doubt he intended for that to happen, it did and he caused it.

Social media is a strong tool that is used throughout our society. It should not be used to celebrate or commend death no matter the victim. Picture your aunt or uncle who was a victim of a big, publicized death being made fun of or mocked because of the effects that their death caused. When you probably could care less about the effects of it you are more concerned that you lost your aunt or uncle.

Trump is a perfect example of why not to believe everything you see on Twitter or social media in general even if said person has a government official account. We need to do our own research about things so we can form our own opinion about certain topics. Instead of forming an opinion based on another opinion, that you believed to be factual. Trump is just one example of many who mislead the public for their own benefit.