Kedzie Krazies Are Back in Business


Joe Sullivan

Kedzie Krazies cheer on their Vikings in the 8A State Quarterfinals against the Lincoln-Way Griffins on Nov. 16, 2019.

Joe Sullivan, News Editor

On Wednesday, March 17, the H-F Athletic Department announced that they would be allowing a small student section of 100 seniors at the football team’s home opener against Lockport. The department released registration information yesterday at 7 a.m. stating that, “they would take the first 100 students to reserve their spot from the class of 2021”. 

First year Athletic Director, Matthew Lyke, has been working all year to provide extra-curricular activities in a safe environment. “Our main goal was to ensure that the parents/guardians of the football players, band members, and cheerleaders had the opportunity to come to the game and support their son or daughter,” Lyke said. “The Illinois Department of Public Health recently increased the number of allowed spectators from 50 people to 20% venue capacity for outdoor sports only, so even if every parent/guardian attends the game, the venue capacity is under 20%.”

Students must follow the recommended social distance of three to six feet in the bleachers. 

Running back Sean Allen is looking to bounce back after a historic junior season in 2020. “It seems like it’s been the longest off season ever, so I’m hyped to get back on the field and dominate,” Allen said. “Having the student section is very motivating and it just makes the atmosphere more fun to know that my fellow classmates are showing so much support and cheering us on. I love it!”

Tonight the Kedzie Krazies will look to cheer on their hometown Vikings with their matchup against the Lockport Porters.

“We want the kids to have fun, be respectful, show good sportsmanship, and cheer on the Vikings!” Lyke said. “The top priority is to keep everyone healthy and safe.