Finally Getting The Help They Needed


Photo Courtesy of The Navajo Department of Health

Nizhoni Ward, Writer

In February 2021,  President Biden passed the disaster declaration for the Navajo Nation. 

With this declaration, there has been an order for more federal assistance to help fight against Covid-19. This includes funding for the Navajo nation as well as vaccines for the citizens within these reservations. 

It took almost a year for someone to finally recognize the tragedies the Navajo nation were facing. They were being neglected by the U.S. government as they were only given body bags and fake face masks at the beginning of the pandemic.

It’s so infuriating that the Navajo nation had to  struggle most of this pandemic. There have been many great losses to families all over the reservations as many of their loved ones passed away from COVID-19 There was up to 60 percent  unemployment in December 2020. 

There has been a stay at home order by President Nez of the Navajo Nation for a couple months now to try to help prevent more cases. As of right now, there are still 29,948 Covid-19 cases in the Navajo Nation. The numbers continue to fluctuate as the days go on. 

Many people began to line up for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Both covid-19 vaccines will require two doses per person, separated by 21 to 28 days. 

There are three  phases that they’re currently going through. The first phase contains health care personnel, long term care facilities, high risk patients, patients 65 and older , first responders, spiritual leaders, frontline essential workers, essential infrastructure, essential businesses and adults in congregate settings. 

The other two  phases are still in waiting as they head to phase 2 in spring 2021. 

Marianna Bancroft, a resident of Tuba City, Arizona who got fully vaccinated said, ¨I mean despite the symptoms, it’s a good feeling knowing that I´ll be protected. I feel happy and more safe.¨ 

According to the Navajo Department of Health, there have been 195,540 total doses distributed, 141,797 total doses administered, and 52,433 total number of people who got both doses of the vaccine for those enrolled with the Navajo Nation tribe. Those numbers continue to go up as the days continue.

This is an amazing success for the Navajo nation as cases are beginning to slow and more people are recovering. 

This terrible nightmare is finally coming to an end as the Navajo nation is finally getting the help they needed.