Top Streaming Services


“netflix” by stockcatalog is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Isaiah Adeleke, Opinion Editor

The downfall of cable has happened. The amount of people who have cut the cord when it comes to cable is steadily increasing.

25 million homes have cut the cord since 2012, and another 25 million are expected to do so by 2025.

What this means is that people are not done watching TV, but  simply are using streaming services instead of TV. 

The amount of streaming services that are currently out right now is growing rapidly. First it started with Netflix and Hulu. Now there is HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount, Peacock, YouTube TV, ESPN+, Disney+, Apple TV and much more.

If you were to subscribe to all of these things you would be paying over $200 a month. With that being said having all of these services is extremely unrealistic. 

All these services are good for their own separate reasons, some are really good for their price such as Apple TV, which is  only $5 a month, and services like Netflix that make their own shows you can not watch anywhere else. 

With that being said, I am here to tell you what is the best combination of streaming services you can get to save money and enjoy yourself. 

A must have is Netflix. If you had to choose one singular streaming service Netflix is easily the best choice.

They have three rates, the basic plan is $8.99, the standard plan is $13.99 and the premium plan is $17.99. I highly recommend anything but the basic plan, the quality of the screen is of a television your grandparents had growing up. If you have a large family, the premium would be your best bet; if it’s just you and a friend, standard is the way to go.

Netflix is my number one choice because unlike other services they create their own shows and some of these shows are highly rated. Shows like Stranger Things, Outer Banks, Dark, Ozark and many more. can only be watched on Netflix. 

Netflix also has great limited series that once again you can only watch on Netflix like Behind Her Eyes and Queen’s Gambit. These shows have become so popular that you have to watch it to see the hype.

If you have another $14 to shell out a month, the bundle of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ is a must have. Not only do you get three streaming services for the price of one, but it appeals to all people.

First we can start with Hulu. I am not the biggest fan of Hulu, but they are awesome when it comes to shows still airing. Unlike Netflix, Hulu releases episodes the day they come out for on-air shows while Netflix just drops the whole season months after the show is finished.

Snowfall is a must watch drama series and their show Superstore is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched in my life. They also have classics like the Bernie Mac Show and Everybody Hates Chris.

If you are into sports ESPN+ is just for you. You watch live sports for every sport and documentaries before anyone else. 

Saving the best for last Disney+ is full of great nogolastia. All the shows and movies you grew up watching are all there from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody to all of the Toy Stories. If you remember any show or movie you watched on Disney, it’s there.

Disney+ greatest strength is their Marvel and Star Wars collection. Two of the most storied franchises of all time but have shows you can only watch on Disney+. WandaVisionwas a huge success and Star Wars The Mandalorian is too. 

In my opinion, these are the only two packages you need and will keep you under $30 a month and will give you all the television you will ever need. But if you do want to spoil yourself, HBO Max is my recommendation. 

HBO Max in a few months might be the go-to streaming service. Coming in at $15 a month they have classics that will instantly resonate with you, from the Boondocks to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to every single season of South Park.

That isn’t the best feature about HBO Max either. For certain movies they release them the same day they come out in theatres. These are great films like Judah and the Black Messiah and Snyder’s Cut Justice League movie. 

Lastly if you have Amazon Prime like most people Amazon Prime Video is already free and they have a solid collection.

The future is not cable but instead streaming services so make sure you choose the right one!