Creepy Matt Gaetz Shows How Hypocrisy and Projection Rule The Right

Florida politicians sure have been digging themselves a deeper hole lately, with destructive and harmful bills being passed to limit the rights of trans people and freedom of protest itself, but the Matt Gaetz issue shows the most how little republicans care about the people of this country, despite their failed posturing.

Matt Gaetz is a U.S. congressman serving the 1st district of Florida. He has made himself known as a spineless lackey of Trump, and someone who could be just as hateful to others as him. But not many people figured out how cruel he actually is.

Matt Gaetz came into heat most recently when it was announced the DOJ was investigating Gaetz for human trafficking. He immediately went on tour to convince the public that he was a hero, but shadowy elites framed him and exploited him. Many republicans realized Gaetz was dead weight and just silently excluded him, but the extremist republicans came out to back him up.

The biggest open defender of Gaetz was Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a very controversial figure in her own ways. She’s an open extremist who allegedly supported the Capitol riots and was hostile to any progressive people of color in congress, but what makes this tragedy a comedy is her specific radical movement, QAnon.

QAnon started what appears to be a satire on internet forum 4Chan, making fun of the pure absurdity of Alex Jones type Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists.after it made the progression to Facebook, it became a very serious movement.

QAnon’s central theory is that the Elites of Hollywood and DC are involved in a baby killing cult and that Trump is here to expose these “Demoncrats” by infiltrating the system and this secret agent leaked these plans on 4Chan to give the people hope that Trump is “draining the swamp.”

The main reason why people say they support QAnon, other than being one big in-progress Trump fanfiction, is that the whole end goal is to stop  children from being attacked and abused by the Democrat Elites. So one would assume they would be furious if one of their golden boys got exposed as someone who exploited a child.

Long story short they didn’t care, or actively defended it. They would rather let an alleged child abuser face no consequences than have to sit and do any self reflection on the people they decided to ally with.

At this point no one should still think Matt Gaetz is innocent. There have been receipts, his alleged partner in crime became willing to release evidence against Gaetz, and it seemed like he kept making his case worse and worse with past info.

 Not like any supposed anti child abuse activist should’ve sided with Gaetz in the first place. Gaetz was the only member of either the house and senate to vote against an anti-human trafficking bill. He constantly fills his Twitter feed with pictures of him posing with almost exclusively young girls, and is friends with a convicted child-trafficker for god’s sake.

But the QAnon group is only here to find Democrat child abusers, while sweeping the republican child abusers under the rug. They would rather focus on party loyalty than their supposed ideals, finding their flaws and assigning them to the democrats instead. That has become the sole way the republicans convince themselves that their cult is the one true cult.