News Outlets have no morals!


“Fake News – Person Reading Fake News Article” by mikemacmarketing is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Isaiah Adeleke, Opinion Editor

Could you imagine finding out half of your family died from a source at TMZ? Or could you imagine your friend dying in a car crash from a blogger, then finding out hours later that they are still alive?

Unfortunately, this is the reality for many celebrities over the past few years. Instead of news platforms attempting to report accurate information, they attempt to be the first platform that can get a quick headline.

Last year when retired NBA player  Kobe Bryant died, TMZ first reported that his whole family died in the helicopter crash. They later reported it was just Kobe and all his daughters. Then again, reported that now Rick Fox was also in the helicopter along with his daughters.

After a few hours we finally got accurate information that Kobe, his daughter and seven others died in the fatal crash.

Imagine his wife Vanessa Byrant  at home having to find out her husband and daughter died at the same time the public did and having to deal with inaccurate reports for hours because news platforms wanted to be the first to break the story. 

On April 22nd, 2021 basketball player Terrance Clarke died in a fatal car crash. The media got that right surprisingly. However, they also reported that his teammate Brandon Boston was involved in the car crash and passed away.

A few hours later we found out that Brandon Boston was perfectly healthy. I can not imagine what his family must have been going through finding out that their son has died, searching for what hospital or road he died at only to find out he was alive the whole time.

News outlets seem to  have no sense of morals and rush to get the quickest headline even if it means reporting false deaths unethically on so many levels.

Even when they are not trying to get the quickest headline, they are still trying to get the most clicks.

When DMX was braindead in the hospital, TMZ published an article on him. Was it about how he impacted so many people’s lives? Or what a generational artist he was? No, it was an article about all the homes he has lost in his life.

While he was braindead in the hospital and his family was suffering whether to pull the plug or not, TMZ wrote articles mentioning all the homes he has lost due to his addiction. 

Another thing news platforms get wrong a lot is not getting both sides of a story before recording it. For example, rapper Bobby Schmurda had a fan post a TikTok claiming they were together.

TheShadeRoom, a news instagram page, instantly reported that they were a couple and Bobby Schmurda received a lot of backlash due to it. However, he soon went live on Instagram and told everyone the woman who posted the video is one of his friends and nothing more. 

By time TheShadeRoom reported the news again clearing up they were not together Bobby Schmurda already had received pages of hate due to bad reporting. 

Reporting news seriously has to get better. These pages don’t realize how important they can be and use their influence to report fast and false news rather than accurate information just for clicks.