More like Turnabout and leave

Micah Banks, News Editor

Fifty years ago, it was cute for girls to dress up in poodle skirts and doll themselves up like Marilyn Monroe before heading to Turnabout to test the waters of gender-equality.

Turnabout was a progressive, safe haven for women because it gave them a glimpse into what it was like to have an actual voice in their relationship.

Fifty years later, it’s sexist and outdated.

Basically, Turnabout is telling young women that this one time, and this one time only, they are allowed to take charge. It’s saying that the other dances, like Prom and Homecoming, are reserved for the male to initiate.

Turnabout gives women freedom for this one night to feel like they have a seat at the table. But don’t get comfortable, ladies: This whole female-freedom thing has a time limit.

The notion that women still need a dance reserved for them is, unfortunately, a sad reminder of these sexist times.

We still live in a time when the girl in a relationship is expected to take on the role of submission. Which is fine for some girls, but not all of us are wired the same.

But why must it be this way? Why is it so frowned upon, and therefore uncommon, for women to take initiative in what they want?

Why is it that a guy must make all the decisions in a relationship? Who is he to decide?

Why can’t women make decisions about what they want without being reprimanded with derogatory, and usually gendered, insults?

Consider another real life example: marriage proposals. When the guy asks his girl to get married, he’s “doing it right” because that’s just how it should be.

It’s just two people, who fell in love, and are taking the next natural step in their relationship…but God forbid, don’t let her get down on one knee and pop the question.

Many guys feel compelled to get their fiance’s father’s blessing before marrying her. Is she property, or is she a human?

When the guy makes decisions like these, he’s powerful. When a female does, she’s bossy, or she’s not “playing her role.”

The purpose of Turnabout is ludicrous and deeply-rooted in sexism. It’s further proof that we have a long road ahead of us.

Truthfully, until women are seen as equal to men in every aspect, we are going to get nowhere in this male-dominated society.

Pushing past sexist, outdated dances like this will be vital in salvaging many women’s already drastic declining self-esteems.