Senior Life in the Era of Covid

Can we start this article without the cliche introduction of explaining how confusing life has become throughout the last 15 or so months? We have all lived through all this insanity. We all know it first hand and to act like there’s someone who has to be introduced to Covid is stupid.

While we might  have a shared experience of having to live through a pandemic, our experiences have the distinction of what scenario each of us are in while living through it. 

Seniors have been put in arguably the most awkward situation as of recently thanks to circumstances of this situation. Many have been forced to miss out on many traditions such as prom and graduation and have been stuck at home.

And then there’s me, who could honestly care less about standard high school traditions. I have spent most of highschool figuring out how to avoid other highschoolers and get by on the bare minimum. This pandemic for me felt like a fresh breath of relief at the beginning.

That didn’t last long as quarantine quickly went from relaxing to painfully boring. Even as someone who could care less about interaction, being forced to do all of the schoolwork while you’re stuck alone, and not able to really interact with people the same, is kinda depressing.

It doesn’t matter how introverted you are, this pandemic probably has been taxing to everyone. It’s harder to see friends and family, we have to wear a mask every time we go out, and we miss out on so many opportunities we thought we would have.

Many people including me were hoping to have a picture perfect senior year as a sendoff for our last year as a “kid.” But a lot of us felt ripped off by this virus. We won’t have a perfect last year of highschool, but maybe that’s not the worst thing.

It may be a bummer, but at least we’ve been safe overall, and are looking out for others. And in the end we might not have this year but at least it’s coming to a close, and things are looking up for America, and most of us still have a chance at a great first year of adulthood.