A Letter to the H-F Administration


Photo from Unsplash Images

Ella Ermshler, Graphic Designer

Dear the Homewood-Flossmoor High School Administration: 

First I’d like to say thank you for the spectacular four years at H-F that I had. As cheesy as it sounds, I don’t think I could’ve been happier at any other school. I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had and memories I’ve made, but looking back I do have one suggestion that could make future students’ experiences even better: more senior traditions. 

Yes, in a year not interrupted by a global pandemic we do have many highly anticipated events. There’s prom, decision day, throwing our papers up on the last day of school, parking in the senior corner, spirit week, the students versus teacher decathlon and a few more. However, it’s hard not to be a little bit jealous sometimes when friends and family members from other schools describe the senior traditions that they do in addition to all the events we have.

I know seniors at H-F aren’t under-appreciated in the slightest, but given our amazing resources and talented student body I know we could do more activities. Even though it might be a little trickier to organize these events at H-F than other schools because of our large class size, we shouldn’t have to miss out on senior events simply because we go to a big school.

If the problem is coming up with ideas of events seniors would want to do, reaching out to students would be an easy solution. I’m sure people would provide a multitude of ideas given the opportunity, sending in either things they’ve seen on social media or heard from other schools. For example, a couple new traditions I’ve heard of that H-F could introduce are a senior picnic, field day, sunrise and sunset, decorating parking spaces, additional pep rallies (which aren’t senior only but still should be included), or an off-campus event. Senior year events are memories that last a lifetime and things you begin to look forward to freshman year (if not earlier). Why not add more if we can?

To be clear, this letter isn’t meant to be hostile or negative in any way; I am extremely appreciative of everything I’ve been able to do at H-F, but I think that future students should be able to do more! H-F is an amazing school so why not take advantage of the capabilities we have?


Ella Ermshler