To My Freshman Self, With Love


Evan Walker, Social Media Editor

Dear Freshman Evan,

High school is one of the weirdest, and challenging experiences you’ll ever have. But it’s also a place where you come into your being, and enrich yourself intellectually, mentally, and emotionally. 

Looking back I probably took my high school experiences for granted, more often than none. But high school is surprisingly way more important than what you think it is. Freshman year and sophomore year were admittedly a little rough class and schedule-wise, but don’t worry you get over it. 

You meet a lot of great people and great teachers and you occasionally even learn a thing or two in a class you wouldn’t expect (Considering AP World  History and Chemistry are like the only two classes I have pretty vivid memories of).

Don’t get me wrong you might have a low point here and there socially or academically (especially in Geometry and Biology because wow that was a time) but you’ll get over that too. And to be honest, if you actually paid just a bit more attention or received a bit more help you’d probably be in a much better position than what I am in now. And who knows you might even understand math a little bit better. 

Overall, my main advice is to really stay true to yourself and allow yourself to grow and expand with time. You’ll surely be a better person for it and even a better student. Yet, at the same time, I think it’s also important you try new things for yourself so you can really figure out what you like and what interests you. There’s really nothing to be scared about or anything that is below your ability to do either. 

Above all else though, school really does matter a whole lot more than you think it does though. I mean sure going to every party or attempting to be a social butterfly is cool and all, and it’s a good way to continue to cultivate those social and communication skills. But sooner or later it gets repetitive so I wouldn’t put that much effort into it. 

College comes faster than you think it does though, so I’d surely recommend getting involved in extracurricular activities sooner rather than later like me, and I’d also recommend staying on top of those studies sooner rather than later as well. Even though it did work out in the end considering we’re going to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign next year. But it’ll make your upperclassmen years much easier. 

Lastly, but not least there’s also going to be a pandemic for roughly 2 years of your high school career. And you’ll use this time to grow and adapt into the man you are, it might sound scary on the surface but the character development is worth it, so try to make the best out of your time at home.

All in all, high school is definitely an interesting time. It might not be your favorite thing in the world, but learn to appreciate it. 

It’ll be over faster than you think, so good luck, 

Love, Evan.