Liberate Lunch Now


Poll conducted by the Hf Voyager on 50 students.

E'nyah Wright, Staff Writer

Every year here at H-F it seems as if our lunch program changes. Not only does it change but to the students it seems as if it gets worse. The class of 2022 has experienced some of the best and worst lunches. From freshman year to now there has been a decline in the quality of lunch here at H-F. 

There are many fast food restaurants nearby that students could access during their lunch periods. For example: Popeyes, McDonalds, Wendy’s, etc. After attending school for two years upperclass students should get the reward of being offered off campus lunch. 

Just from being in the halls I hear students complain about the prices and quality of the lunch here. Being allowed to go off campus and get something of their choice won’t only eliminate some of the complaints, it may even give students another reason to love H-F even more. 

Prices have gone up since freshman year. Buying a slice of pizza, fries, and a drink cost $10 in our cafeteria. The price of a small gatorade is $3. 

Many authoritative figures may be against it because of safety concerns. However, off campus lunch could potentially help with social distancing.

We are in the middle of a pandemic and no matter how hard we try to be safe and social distance, there are so many kids in the school that we can only do so much. Allowing upperclassmen to leave and go to a nearby restaurant for lunch could eliminate clutter in the lunchroom. 

This school year H-F has increased our lunch time, which means that students will have more than enough time to get some food and make it back to school in enough time to get to their next class. 

Students also deserve to have some freedom. We are stuck in the walls of H-F for approximately eight hours a day. Not to mention there are also many athletes who start practice directly after school. Having a good lunch in the middle of the day can be a good way for students to get a break from school and recharge them for the rest of the school day. 

Having off campus lunch can be a learning experience and lesson to the students. It will teach responsibility and how the real world works.

A fear the administrators might have is that students won’t return to school if they go off campus. However, of course there will be rules and guidelines in place to try and keep the students from making those kinds of decisions. 

Not only would students appreciate it, nearby businesses would also. Students will be contributing to the businesses which will help them stay up and running. 

The administration here at HF should let students go off campus for lunch. It can save money for the school by not having to buy so much food because not as many students will be eating it. It will teach students responsibility while also helping out community businesses. 

Students deserve to be trusted to go out to get lunch and make it back to their classes for the remainder of the day.