New Advanced Clothing Construction Class


“Sewing Machine” by tsuacctnt, Creative Commons

This year, H-F has brought in many new classes, staff and rules. A new class that was brought into as a new elective is advanced clothing construction. There is already a regular clothing construction class, but this new class goes more into depth for those who want to learn more about the fashion industry.

“Clothing Construction 1 and 2 teach the basics of sewing,” the clothing construction teacher, Alyssa Marassa said. “The students sew a pillow, pajama pants and choose a few more difficult clothing pieces to construct.” Marassa said. 

To take the class you need to take the regular 1 and 2 clothing construction classes and pass. By your sophomore year, you could be in the advanced class. 

Marassa has been wanting to make an advanced clothing construction class due to popular demand. She also felt as if there wasn’t enough time to cover all aspects of fashion.

 “I created the Advanced Clothing class for students who are interested in continuing to improve their sewing skills and learning about the opportunities available to them in the fashion industry,” Marassa said. 

In the advanced class, there is more leniency to what you want to create. Each student gets to pick what they want to create. 

We will be learning about the clothing industry and its impact on the environment. We will recycle, redesign, and repair preowned clothing.” Marassa said. 

They will be focusing on altering fabric as well as tie dying and screen printing shirts. Which are not available for the regular clothing construction 1 and 2. 

Besides the sewing and creating aspect of the advanced clothing construction class, they also learn about clothing design, history of clothing, and careers in fashion. If you’re interested in becoming a fashion major or just the fashion industry, this class is perfect for you.