JV2 Vikings On The Rise


Photo by Assistant Coach Charles Ward

Photo of 2021-2022 Junior Varsity 2nd soccer team after there 0-0 tie with Lincoln-Way Central.

The Junior Varsity freshman soccer team is having a slow start to their season already having an 0-5-1 record this year after tying 0-0 to Lincoln-Way Central High School on Sept. 20.

The Junior varsity team has played six games against Marist, Reavis, Joliet West, Bloom,Eisenhower and Lincoln-Way Central and ended up with an 0-5-1 record to start the season. Those five games however, have been pretty close, indicating a challenging season for the team. 

The Junior Varsity freshman soccer team is filled with new talent with 11 new freshmen starting their soccer careers and  five returning sophomores that are ready for round two.   

Here are some of the Junior Varsity players that will help pave the way for this season .

Freshman Caleb Madden is new to the Junior Varsity 2nd team this year, but feels confident about his current abilities and the team performance this season.

“It’s been pretty alright I guess,”Madden said. “It’ll be nice to win more games but other than that I’ll do this for a couple more years.”  

Sophomore Andrew Johnson was on the Junior varsity team last season and has been impressed by the freshman so far this year.

“They were better than I expected,” Johnson said.

Freshman Nicholas Piotrowski is new to the Junior Varsity team this season. Piotrowski believes that there isn’t much of an adjustment from the middle school to the high school level.

‘’It’s cool and all but I feel like it’s not that much of a step up,” Piotrowski said. “The skill level is higher because they actually try but I actually enjoy playing for this team.” 

Freshman Jacob Harris is another new Junior Varsity player this season. Harris thinks that hard work will help him adjust to the new level of play and perform to the high school standard.

“I feel like it’s a lot harder, it took a lot of practicing and skill that I had to learn in order to adjust,” Harris said.

The next home game that the Junior Varsity soccer team will have is on September 22 where they will face off against Lincoln Way West high school.