Yes, you should get the vaccine


“Syringe and Vaccine” by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Milan Falls , Staff Writer

There is alway something going on throughout the world, a highlight or topic of social media. Not too long ago we were introduced to the vaccine of the coronavirus. 

The big controversy about this has been: getting the vaccine not knowing what it would do to the citizens. 

All over many social media sites you see different opinions on this topic: many people believe that the government is putting something in the vaccine to harm the public. 

While, many people have some logical arguments towards this accusation. For many years students were required to get certain shots to attend school. What was stopping the government from harming the public then? 

Throughout our generation we have run off of our vaccine success, which allowed us to move from place to place without the fear of losing a life or getting ill. 

Prior to the flu vaccine, in 1918, according to cdc.govat least 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 occurring in the United States” died from the flu. Now almost 12 million less people are infected compared to the amount that died. According to 2019-2020 statistics“ more than 38 million became sick with influenza, leading to 400,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths. “ The difference between 50 million and 22,000 is significant. 

Although the vaccine is a big help with controlling the virus, I do agree that the government has made it hard to trust that this vaccine is doing all that they said it is, and nothing more. 

 The government has done a poor job at trying to encourage people to get vaccinated, by their suspicious acts towards the vaccine. 

Many posts and tweets going around have stated that the government will reward people for getting the vaccine. Why are there now rewards and prizes for attempting to save your life and others? 

Seeing that no other vaccine received this attention or attitude from the government, it raises questions. 

Many other hesitations come from the history of abuse within ethnic groups that came with getting the vaccines. It has been proven that “In 1932, U.S. Public Health Service employees recruited hundreds of poor, uneducated African American men with syphilis and watched them die avoidable deaths over time, even after a cure was found.”  

 Webmd found that “ African Americans have nearly the lowest rates of vaccination among any ethnic group.” I believe that the past neglect is the motive for many African American of other ethnic groups to be afraid to get the vaccine. 

Vaccines have been proven to help many but, the sad truth is: many people don’t have the faith in the government that they are here to protect; in many cases they have proven that. 

The government has done nothing to insure nothing will happen or comfomfort the black community to help save their lives and others. 

The vaccines can help many and bring us back to the world we used to live in but without the trust that our government won’t harm even a fraction of the population due to racism or bias, we can never get there.