School Dress Codes Are Extremely Unfair

School Dress Codes Are Extremely Unfair

Almeda Wallace , Staff Writer

When I wake up in the morning and get dressed for school, the last thing I’m thinking about is ¨ will this shirt that shows my shoulder affect a boy’s learning experience ? ¨ 

As the new school year begins, students have been upset about the dress code that has been set. I’ve heard from many of my female peers that they’ve been sent out of class due to a top or a pair of jeans. There’s no way that this is just.

I don’t think that it’s fair to say that students are being “distracted” just because a girl’s midriff, shoulders or mid thigh are exposed. If the dress code was really fair girls of all sizes would have to adhere to it; not just more structured ones.

According to the article ¨ Do School Dress Codes Discriminate Against Girls ¨ , common punishments for a girl include missing class time or facing suspension. Since it’s so common for that to happen , on average girls have been missing hours of class over this. 

This year alone , the amount of girls that have been dress coded for the smallest things is just blasphemous.

Not all schools are like this though , some schools let their students be free & dress how they want. Although it’s not many , they still exist. 

Wells Community Academy High School is one of the schools that let their students breathe from the dress code. Looking at their student handbook I saw a plethora of options of clothing and accessories that their students can wear that my school and many others can´t.

I feel like students learn better and enjoy school more when they can just wear what they want without being stopped in every other hallway by someone, all it does is waste time and stress people out.

A lot of students see each other outside of school wearing things that are way worse , so what’s the problem with a more ¨ school appropriate ¨ outfit.

Schools have been forcing the thought that people’s clothes & bodies are just so distracting ever since we all were kids , and plenty of people believe it because that’s all they’ve heard since they were in sixth grade all the way to senior year.

There are some benefits to the school dress code though ,  I can agree with that. 

The article ¨ 5 benefits of a school dress code ¨ states that the dress code initiates a more serious school environment and some students benefit from the dress code so they can focus more on their studies than what they’re wearing. 

That does make sense but if someone wants to focus more on their clothes let them , you literally can’t control everyone and their actions. No matter what you say or do.

Overall the school dress code needs to change drastically , for the sake of the whole student body.