Does the Sequel Measure Up To Its Predecessor?


Image created by Lailah Taylor

Scene from “Don’t Breathe”(left) and scene from “Don’t Breathe 2″(right).

Many have seen the hit movie “Don’t Breathe”, and many were anticipating a well written action packed sequel. But the question is, did the sequel meet audiences’ expectations? 

“Don’t Breathe”, directed by Fede Álvarez, received a 88% rotten tomato score from critics, and a 78% overall audience score. So far, the sequel “Don’t Breathe 2” directed by Rodo Sayagues has received a 40% rotten tomato score from critics, and 85% overall audience score. 

The 2013 movie “Evil Dead” was written by both Rodo Sayagues and Fede Álvarez. Fede Álvarez directed the movie.

The main characters in “Don’t Breathe” were the three robbers, and the blind army vet, Norman Nordstrom. The three robbers are Rocky(Jane Levy), Alex(Dylan Minnette), and Money(Daniel Zovatto). Norman was played by Stephan Lang.

“Don’t Breathe”, was a story of a blind former army vet, Norman Nordstrom, who was robbed of the $300,000 compensation money he received for the accidental death of his daughter. During the robbery Norman was revealed to be a murderer, kidnapper, and rapist.Two of the thieves, Alex and Money were killed by Norman in the robbery. Rocky, the third robber, ended up making it out of the nightmare robbery alive but severely injured, and with the money; but Norman was left alive as well.

The movie kept audiences interested and guessing what might happen next. Though, audiences were left on a cliffhanger, expecting a sequel with a storyline that included both Norman and Rocky.

“Don’t Breathe 2” had no correlation with its predecessor. The movie, taking place several years after the robbery, is about Norman(Stephan Lang) taking an injured young girl under his care, and raising her as his own for several years. The young girl was dubbed the name Phoenix(Madelyn Grace) by Norman. In this movie Norman was portrayed as the protagonist, the hero of the movie.

Audiences left wondering with more questions than answers. Questions along the lines of “When did Norman get redemption for his past actions?”, “Where is Rocky?”, and “Why didn’t Norman go after Rocky?”. Instead the character Norman just magically became the hero instead of the antagonist.

“Don’t Breathe 2” itself would have been a great movie, because it does have a good storyline. But it isn’t an independent movie, it is a part of a series. So, the story should’ve ‘flowed’ from one movie to the next.

Overall both movies had plot twists that kept audiences on the edge of their seats throughout the entire movie. The sequel did measure up to its predecessor.