New Year New Class


Photo By:Mia Starkenburg

Viking Compass Class Participating in Homecoming Door Decoration

Starting the 2021-2022 school year H-F added a new class called Viking Compass. 

To get a better understanding of where the idea of this class came from I sat down with Mrs.Rudan the MTTS Coordinator here at H-F.

Although Viking Compass is new this school year it has been in the works since 2017. Mrs.Rudan gave a deeper clarification on the main goals and reasons why they implemented this course this year. 

One to provide dedicated time for our staff and students to intentionally build relationships and community. Two, to provide direct social and emotional learning, in order to develop the life skills that are required of all people to thrive in our world,” said Rudan.

They wanted to make sure students had a safe place to process stress and a trusted adult to speak to. “We didn’t know how much SEL curriculum the classes could get through and still build meaningful relationships,” said Rudan

Although most students believe this class is unimportant this is a trial and error year Rudan tells of the hope for the near future. “ Our goal is to make each year focus on what students in that grade level really needs and the only way we can know that is by soliciting feedback from our staff and students.

I spoke to Mr.Beebe the engineering teacher here at H-F and my advisory teacher here. 

With this being the first year this class is being implemented Mr.Beebe gave his opinion on how effective this class could be. “I think it has potential to be very effective, that being sad it also has potential to be very ineffective”. 

There are several factors that could determine effectiveness and Mr.Beebe tells us a few. “It depends on how much students buy into it and how much of a focus each advisory teacher puts into it,” said Beebe.

Not knowing what to expect Mr.Beebe tells us how smoothly he thinks this course will run. “I think there will be some growing pains but when I get used to it I think it’ll be even better.”

Most students complain about Viking Compass but he tells us how  his advisory class goes. “It’s been a challenge so far but I think it’s gradually getting better,” said Beebe. 

All grade levels have a Viking Compass and freshman Micah Jackson tells us her personal take on what goes on in their level Viking Compass classes. 

My main focus in my compass class is to just pay attention and try and take something from it, and to try to listen to what my teacher has to teach rather than to just blow it off just because it’s a required class everyone has to take,” said Jackson.

As Micah seems to fully intake the classes she tells how effective she thinks it’ll be. “ I think this class will be pretty effective depending on your attitude about it. Some people don’t like the class but I think if you try to engage a little then you’ll get something out of it”.

With Viking Compass getting mixed reviews from students the only thing we can do is hope that this class has a positive impact on H-F students and that they take advantage of it.