H-F’s Production of ‘The Secret in the Wings’


Photo by: Amy Ward

Mia Starkenburg, Assistant Feature Editor

With the start of a new school year–especially during COVID–old habits are starting to come back. One of those habits is theatre! This year’s fall play is ‘The Secret in The Wings’. The play is scheduled for 7pm Oct. 28-30. It will be performed in the new Performing Arts Center.

 H-F has decided to produce a play that is very on theme with the up-coming halloween season. “The story of ‘The Secret in the Wings’ is haunting and deeply engaging.” says Anne Calderon, the director of the play. 

The show is about a young girl who goes to her neighbors house to babysit. While babysitting, she reads from a book and the fairy tales come to life. 

Calderon says, “The stories told take audience members on a journey of the exploration of imagination, fears, talents and transformation.  Is it really all a dream?”

This year’s cast is on the smaller side with only 13 members. This doesn’t include three production assistants. Regardless of size, the cast seems to be promising.

Calderon states, “The energy they all bring is wonderfully infectious, and their willingness to tell this story is inspiring.”

From the inside, they seem to have a tight bond and work very closely. Production assistant Amy Ward, says “I love this cast because we all have connected like a family, and everyone is so talented.” 

For some, this play is ultimately about the messages it delivers. Actress Stella Hoyt, plays the role of  the Snake-Leaves Princess, the young girl and the nursemaid. She says, “The fairy tales are all very dark and twisted but ultimately teach a life lesson.” In her eyes, the show uses eerie children’s stories to take the audience on a journey.

You may be excited for theatre to be back but we all are wondering the same thing: How will it be different with COVID-19? 

The IDPH guidelines state, “Schools should configure their spaces to provide space for physical distancing to the extent possible in their facilities.”

But, how will H-F’s theatre program adjust? Calderon says, “Audiences should expect to sit with proper social distance, and understand that tickets will be limited due to these arrangements.” 

Not only will the audience have to adjust to the new norms, but so will the cast. The actors are provided with clear, plastic masks and there are mixed opinions.“They do end up getting annoying but they are doing the job,” says Ward.

Most importantly, the cast is just excited to be back on stage. Hoyt expresses, “I am truly grateful that theatre is back.”

With the world changing around us, theatre is changing too. This production will be a look into what the future holds for the H-F theatre program: A new normal.