Misogynists missing the point


Beyonce, Emma Watson and even Youtube blogger Jadah Doll have all done things to endorse the movement of feminism.

From songs to public speeches, these women have been supporting the progression of women’s rights and their equality to men, which is what feminism is all about.

This broad word holds so much controversy from both men and women. The definition seems to change with the opinion people have on what feminists are really working towards.

How can you bash something you know nothing about?

While doing research on Google, I typed in many topics gearing towards feminism. While going on Google News, there were a couple of stories degrading what feminists do or how much of an impact they actually have.

Many critics are just confused.

Being a feminist doesn’t always mean going to the extremes people think of when they hear the word, such as ‘feminists don’t believe in marriage’,or that they hate men.

Feminists work towards causes that should really be a concern to us all.

Rape, child brides, and forced prostitution are all female predicaments that feminists are trying to end.
These problems may seem pretty intense but they are problems that we deal with daily and don’t even notice as a true issue.

Men are seen as the ones with more authority, women supposedly don’t know anything about sports, and dress codes are put into place that subject women to dress in a manner that does not distract boys.
Why is it our problem if a boy is attracted to our shoulders?

Before you decide to make your decision of disproving the movement, try going to a feminist event or doing some research online so you can really put up a valid argument.

Going on Twitter and seeing a couple of tweets and hashtags will only give you a small look at what feminists really do.

As females we have come a long way but are also so far from where we need to be. Being a feminist should not be seen as a trend. These are serious changes that they’re trying to make and they should be taken just as seriously as their determination.

The jokes or bashing posted on the Internet are really showing a lack of knowledge when it comes to the definition of a feminist.

It also shows how much we really need feminists because equality is still not where it needs to be.
Feminists are an up and rising activist group that tries to solve the problem of women seeming inferior to men.

It’s true that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but at least know what you’re arguing against first.