How Are Students Managing School And Sports ?


Teens in general already have so much going on in their lives. Now add school, sports, extra curricular activities, their social lives and other organizations. Trying to balance all of that at once can be overwhelming. 

Being a teenanger with so much responsibility can be so stressful at times.

Bouncing from activity to activities and trying to maintain greatness in each thing you’re doing can take a serious toll on a person. 

¨Maintaining sleep schedules and managing to balance everything is hard for high school athletes. It adds more stress with school added on top¨ said Junior Varsity football player Savoy Howard.

“If I’m cramming at work or studying for a big test I study longer and only get about 5-6 hours¨ Howard said ¨I try to get a good amount of sleep so I can focus in class the next day”

Some students put school before anything, even if it’s work or sports, school comes first. Meaning sleep isn’t much of a priority for some. 

¨When it comes to practice and school work, I always make sure I put school first. I put my all into everything I do but at the end of the day, grades are what’s most important¨, diver Mckenzie Ray said. 

On the other hand, when it comes to sleep and having multiple activities going on , some people still manage to get a decent amount of sleep or have no problem with it. 

¨On average I get about three to seven hours of sleep. I try to stray away from less hours, but sometimes it happens like that. I tend to sleep well though, so there’s no issues there¨ golfer Alani Watson said 

Depending on what students do and how they manage their own time helps with their success rate in school and in the world in general.

High school is also supposed to be the time of some people’s lives but in reality it’s the most stressful time.

¨I don’t have as big of a social life as I used to because of the long practices followed by homework overload¨ Howard said.

Students value their social lives and want to have time to hang out with friends and family. Like Howard said, having long practices and focusing on certain things takes away from that.