Which is the best Grinch movie?


Mia Starkenburg, Assistant Feature Editor

Reboots can be a fresh way to look at your favorite movie or show. But, is the new rendition always better? 

Sometimes, there can be so many different versions of the same movie that creativity can dull, as it becomes harder to create something new and contemporary. 

The Grinch movies are a perfect example of both sides of the argument. So, which one will you be watching this Christmas season?

The first movie was released in 1966. It’s a cartoon with the illustrations being a similar style to the book’s artwork.

The most obvious pro to this movie is that it’s a classic! I couldn’t ignore the obvious nostalgia that I get from watching this movie with a cup of hot chocolate during the Christmas season.

It keeps the simple story-line; a grumpy, cruel man becomes more kind and well-rounded over the course of the movie. To me, it’s almost like the book comes to life.

I appreciate the similarity between the movie’s animation to the novel’s artwork. Plus, the accuracy of the plot and storyline creates unmatched quality and clearness when watching.

Don’t be blinded by the nostalgia, though, because this oldie is not the best version.

The second adaptation is a live action interpretation, titled ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’, released in 2000 and starred Jim Carrey. This is the version I grew up watching and will still look forward to watching this Christmas season.

This rendition is my personal favorite because of the comedy Carrey brings to the table. He creates a light-hearted, hilarious, yet odd performance. Carrey maintains Grinch’s personality but adds inflections of himself in the jokes and comedic moments.

The Grinch is angry, mean, sad, lonely and scary. Carrey creates the perfect misunderstood villain. But of course, we all know the movie has a happy ending with the Grinch gaining empathy and generosity or as the narrator likes to call it a “heart”. 

Carrey is just the right amount of “outcast”. He makes watching this grumpy character so entertaining. I love it. This is the movie that personally gives me the most nostalgia and serotonin. 

The last and most recent adaptation of the story, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as Grinch, was released in 2018, and it’s titled ‘Dr. Suess’ The Grinch’. 

It’s a modern take on the classic cartoon version. The graphics are 2-D instead of one-dimensional. It’s classic Illumination animation with round edges and bright colors.

I was definitely skeptical when the movie came out. Will it be overdone? Is modernizing it ruining the classic? These were questions that ran through my mind.

To be honest, I mostly didn’t like it because it’s just not what I’m used to. It was just way too toned down from the 2000 production and I wanted more. It was just not as funny as I had anticipated. 

One of my favorite things about the movie is the music. I absolutely love the new take on ‘You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch’. It’s refreshing and something that we hadn’t seen in the 2000 adaptation. 

The movie soundtrack even includes a song by one of my favorite artists Tyler, The Creator, which is titled ‘I Am the Grinch’ and adds a contemporary twist to the movie-musical. 

The movie was obviously directed towards younger generations. Instead of a mischievous, mean old man, the Grinch is portrayed as a misunderstood loner. He just wants to be accepted, which is slightly more relatable. It makes it easier for little kids to comprehend the larger messages at play in the film. 

All three movies are executed fantastically. Plus, who doesn’t love the Grinch?