LAX to the MAX

Tryouts approaching for the team

Generations ago lacrosse was passed down from the eastern Woodlands Native Americans and it’s now being carried on through H-F’s very own team.

This year, there’s a few new people trying out for the team and a returning girl.

“I saw how aggressive the guys were hitting each other and I thought, I can do that. I went for it and made the team,” senior Cara Deja said.

Tryouts are Monday and only the top 26 players make varsity.

“It truly is a no cut program. Any freshman or anybody that wants to come out, we’d be happy to have them,” Coach Mark Thompson said.

Senior Brandon Gibson encourages boys and girls to come out for the team.

“If you want to play lacrosse bring your hard work. If you’re a girl and want to play lacrosse come tryout,” Gibson said. “See how things are and get hit a few times.”

Lacrosse is very tough on your body and physical, according to senior captain Thaddeus Fifer. Fifer was an all-state champion last year.

“You have to be aggressive. Since, I play defense, you have to get the ball and attack your opponent with a ferocity to help your team out,” Fifer said.

Other athletes feel like this sport provides life lessons. Senior Josiah McFadden has been playing goalie since his freshman year.

“It taught me how to work under pressure, to bounce back, and to have a short memory. It’s all about leadership, if you have great leaders on the team, you can have success,” McFadden said.

Focus is the only thing the team needs this upcoming season, according to senior Chauncey Tounsel.

He wants the team to get more balls in the cage.

“I would like our defense to focus better than before because they’re a little goofy, but we’ll get there,” Tounsel said.

The team feels like their hardest competitor this season will be Lincoln Way.

“They get a lot of practice in and they’re good players. They have been playing since they were four years old, Fifer said. “As long as we bring the juice, we will be able to come on top.”

Lacrosse can be compared to the Darwinism theory.
“When you mess up you have to evolve quickly. Survival of the fittest like Darwinism, McFadden said. “It’s a Darwinian game.”

Most of the players do not start playing lacrosse until their freshman year.

“It’s like taking on something brand new in high school, and taking the time to master,” Thompson said.

New players are excited about the game, like freshman Ronnie Simon.

“I like that the sport offers me to meet a lot of different people,” Simon said. “What I find easy is the physicality, playing defense.”

Learning both the skills required and improving lacrosse tactics is all about becoming smarter lacrosse players, according to Thompson

Like Simon, this will be junior Matthew Brownlee’s first year trying out for the team.

“Even if you’ve never played, come out,” Brownlee said. “Season starts March 3, same day as the ACT. Get ready for lacrosse.”