H-F’s Baseball And Softball Fields Get A New Look


After a long time of waiting, HF has finally made the positive decision to improve their baseball and softball fields.

These improvements include, a new infield turf, new outfield fence, new netting behind home plate and a short brick wall behind home plate. 

The construction of the fields are already in motion, with high hopes of being finished before the season starts.

These huge improvements have obviously had some positive effects on the players and the coaches. 

HF baseball coach John McCarthy is feeling grateful and lucky for the new additions to the field. “ We are lucky at HF to have the resources necessary to give our students an incredible experience.” McCarthy said. 

There’s so many pros when it comes down to the turf. When it comes to the players’ practices and games the turf will play a huge part in it. 

“Turf will give us the flexibility to schedule more games along with the important practice time to prepare our players for the games” McCarthy said. 

Along with the turf playing a big role, the lights play an ever bigger role. 

“Lights will allow us to add more night games and conclude games when darkness hits around 7 pm.” McCarthy said.

Usually the games end at earlier times to avoid the darkness because the players wouldn’t be able to see. So this is a big step up for the school. 

Not only is the coach ecstatic about these new installations, the players are also excited. 

Baseball player Xavier White seemed to be pretty happy about the news. “I feel like it’s well rewarded, and I can’t wait to get out there.” White said. 

Going on with Xavier, other players are in the boat as him. “Players are ecstatic. Students enjoy playing on turf as it doesn’t hurt the body as much. Baseball players deal with aches and pains throughout the season.  Turf will provide our players with more comfort and less injuries.” McCarthy said. 

Some people are still wondering when is this even taking place, to some surprise the construction of the fields have already begun.

The director of athletics Matthew Lyke gave us some insight on what is taking place.

“The excavation has already begun (as of this week) in hopes of completing the preliminary work before the weather turns. The turf and lighting equipment have  been ordered and should be in production very soon.” Lyke said. 

These new changes to the baseball and softball fields will take a long amount of time which is why they are starting construction so early.

“In order to complete the projects in a timely manner, the first phase had to begin as soon as possible. It is are hope to begin the seasons with no interruptions.” Lyke said. 

I know some of the players who didn’t know much about these installations were a bit worried about the construction interpreting their season, but according to Lyke “No change to the regular season at this time.” 

With the season starting on the 16th and 22nd of February for softball and baseball, we know these new changes will improve our already stellar baseball program!