Entrepreneurship Tips With Mrs. Alexander


During the tragic pandemic that we went through, many people started their own found ways to make their own money.

Many people made clothing brands, baking companies, selling shoes, and detailing vehicles. 

Especially in the H-F community, many students and even faculty members have started their own. 

I met with a fellow business teacher here at H-F, Mrs. Alexander and she gave us some insight on how to start a business and keep it running. 

Mrs. Alexander has been teaching a series of courses here at H-F for approximately 14 years. Courses include: Computer apps, Advanced computer apps, Career Internship & Employment, Intro to Business, and Entrepreneurship. 

Mrs. Alexander expresses the main goal of her entrepreneurship class; “My main goal of the class is to prepare students to start a business even if they don’t start it right away at least they have the tools to prepare for the future and it gives them an insight view on what it takes to run a business.”

Teaching these courses has allowed Mrs. Alexander to create her own business and become an entrepreneur herself.

“Some of the topics we talked about in class helped me guide a lot in my business” Mrs. Alexander expresses how teching her business courses have helped her in her personal life and with her own business. 

Not only that, after building her business she continues to learn a lot of things that help her teach these business classes. “Things that I have come across in my own business journey have also contributed to what I teach to my students and helps me elaborate in my teaching.”

Mrs.Alexander gives many tips to help anyone starting a business or trying to keep a business running. 

“For sure, get a mentor. Someone that is in your same field and has gone through the process or someone that just has successful businesses because that can help a lot.” 

Business is often updating with many vendors making websites and being really prominent on social media, however Mrs.Alexander encourages people to use this to their advantage.

“Never stop researching information especially with social media because it can be a great thing and learn the ins and outs of your business so that you can have a positive outcome.” Alexander said.

Starting a business and keeping it going can be very hard and maybe even stressful at times but it is possible and can be enjoyable if you stay dedicated and follow these tips.