More Flexible Schedules

A Florida school during COVID-19

The New York Times

A Florida school during COVID-19

This school year, we all have had to adjust to the new schedules.  Some students have adjusted to this schedule with no problem,  but others had some trouble and didn’t like how things were changed around the school.

When school was mostly online, schedules were more flexible and students could work with it.  Recently though, it’s been a little more difficult because students coming back from online/hybrid are trying to get used to being face to face again.

For the kids who are struggling, of course, would want a new and easier schedule that’s less forced.

I do strongly believe that we should change the schedule. H-F needs to make the schedules more flexible to where students can be comfortable with their schedules and maybe even the tardies and absences will decrease.

Like how we should have six hours of just school and the remaining two hours should be independent time where if we need to meet up with some teachers, we have enough time to do so. 

I also think that students should have more say in our schedules and classes. The students schedules shouldn’t be picked for them, it is we who are going to school and going to these classes every single day, so that gives us a very good reason why we should have more choice in that.

Students should be able to choose at least five of their classes; the other two could be graduation requirement classes.

We should also be able to have more choice in how many classes we can have, with at least a limit of five classes out of our seven classes. This would definitely be a more easier graduation requirement, and it is more likely that a lot of students would end up doing it.

This should be the case especially for seniors. Because it’s the seniors’ last year before they go off into the real world. H-F should cut some slack for them, they have to consider if they have a job or if they have some things going on at home, filling out or looking for colleges.

Since COVID-19, school has been crazy for everyone. Just for the exact reason, H-F should consider our dismissal to be cut shorter. Instead of 3pm, maybe we should leave at 2. This should be considered because not everyone likes to wear their masks, especially correctly.