Will Students Get Shuttles?


Don’t be late- Students arriving at school

As winter begins to quickly approach, the talk of shuttle busses at H-F is spreading like wildfire. A growing concern at H-F especially during the winter months is transportation between buildings, especially in inclement weather.

Due to the layout of H-F, many students spend at least 10-20 minutes a day walking in between the north and south buildings no matter the weather. This walk between buildings is bearable in the spring, summer and fall months but as the weather gets cooler, the walk gets harder.

Due to this, students are asking for shuttle bus transportation in between buildings. Shuttle busses ensure that students can get safe and warm transportation when the weather is too cold to walk.
H-F has had shuttle busses open to students in past years, but only when the weather was below freezing. The shuttles were first come first serve and because the number of shuttles were limited, they were often overcrowded.

Although students are vocal about the want for shuttle busses, it’s time for them to face the reality that shuttle busses may not be a reality this year.

Not only is COVID still a very large issue at this time, H-F is also facing a bus shortage. The last time that H-F had to provide shuttle busses for students was the 2019-202 school year, and the school population has increased since then.

COVID is a huge problem when it comes to the shuttle busses. When shuttles are offered, students often sit three or more to a seat. The Center of Disease Control still recommends staying 3-6 feet apart. With students sitting back to back and no way to control who does or does not have on masks, this is a huge safety risk for students.
Bus companies are also facing severe shortages in drivers. This has been affecting H-F all year, especially when it comes to field trips and other events. If H-F cannot find enough bus drivers for field trip transportation, then shuttle busses are naturally going to be an afterthought.

H-F has also grown in population since 2019. Although there isn’t a large difference in population, an extra 200 students is an extra four school busses that H-F can’t afford right now.
It’s also not a reality since H-F students don’t get transportation in any inclement weather other than the cold. In the beginning of the school year, students are expected to dress for the heat. When it rains, students are expected to bring an umbrella. However, when it gets colder, our students expect special treatment.

Shuttle busses will also cause another bump in attendance totals. Loading and unloading shuttle busses adds extra time to passing periods and often results in students being tardy to class. This has been an issue in past years, but it is especially an issue this year considering the fact that H-F is in the middle of an attendance spike.

Walking in the cold weather is a reality that H-F students have to face sooner or later. Even if shuttle busses are acquired, there is no way that every student will be able to use that resource. The loading and unloading of students onto the shuttle busses also takes extra time. If students are constantly late because of the shuttle buses, they begin to cause more harm than good.

Although shuttle busses would make getting to class more comfortable, it’s not a reality for H-F students at this time.