You Are What You Wear

Milan Falls, Staff Writer

Do our personalities and style come from our authentic selves or what’s popular? 

For as long as new flashy things have been out, there has always been the judgment of what you can and cannot wear to be considered “ in style” that judges whether you’re “rich or poor”.

What is it about Louis Vuitton, Gucci, V-lone or even technology that attracts so many people that something cheaper and just as cute or compatible wouldn’t suffice?

Are the number of zeros behind the price tag more attractive than the actual item being brought?

For today’s youth, money means more to the eye than the product itself. Whether it’s for pictures on Instagram or spending time with friends, we tend to be attracted to the price rather than how functional it is. 

For me, I see this more frequently in the technology we use.

For so long other technology companies, aside from Apple, have been talked about negatively by younger generations when they have the same functions, if not better than, [as] apple. 

Right now, according to TechRadar, the Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra is labeled as the top phone right now. Then why is it considered “uncool” to have a different yet high-tech phone? 

For as long as we can remember “money is the key to a heart.” While we may not be talking about love, it does apply to popularity. Has that phrase set our generation or world into believing that what you wear or how much it costs defines who you are or what you’re capable of?

Some people may go as far as wearing fake stuff to fit into these societal standards.

Designer brands, like Louis Vuitton, have limited their audience to higher classed people, so we question why others buy their product when websites like DHgate and Aliexpress have become very famous for selling fake designers for cheaper.  

Does wearing fake shoes tie into that narrative that you have to be wearing the latest shoes or clothes to be “in” or considered the standard? 

Many people use their clothes to represent themselves, and some wear them to fit this idea of having certain things makes you more accepted in society. 

But that’s not true. Having or wanting cheap accessories isn’t a crime or something to be ashamed of. Not having the extra to afford $800 – $1,000 shoes or clothes isn’t something to be ashamed of. 

Why wear something not authentic when you’re totally capable of wearing something in your price range or that may define you and your life? 

Now I definitely get the whole idea with retail and not waiting to buy something so expensive if they’re not worth that much. 

A lot of trendy things can even come from a local thrift store. Many times the trends happen to be recurring designs or styles from the past. So why not shop for the actual clothes?

Having to buy something unauthentic to fit your idea of the accepted style. The thing is, why buy something and show off a fake or unrealistic version of yourself if there are many other things that can define you or your personality.

Many pricey things aren’t really attractive as many cheaper things are very attractive. The price tag doesn’t matter; It’s all about the accuracy in representation your style gives of you. 

Although many people just like to throw on clothes, for the ones that like to express themselves through their closet: Create an authentic and real version of who you are and not the person who society has labeled as okay. the person you are