“Over It” vs. “Still Over It”

On Nov. 5, Summer Walker dropped her new album, “Still Over It”. Her previous album “Over It,” which dropped in Oct. 2019, was amazing, which means that listeners had high expectations for the new one. 

Despite the continuation of the name and the similar album covers, the two albums aren’t exactly the same given that the two have completely different concepts and vibes. 

“Over It” consists of 18 songs that raise the same type of emotions throughout the entire album. Classics like “Playing Games”, “Off Of You”, or “I’ll Kill You” make listeners truly relate to Walker’s emotions, and make them want to invest themselves more into her music. 

When Walker dropped “Over It”, she was still pretty new to the music scene, and thus definitely did not have the fan base that she does now. That was primarily the album that strengthened it, and that got her the loyal supporters and fans that she has today.

The release of the new album was much more advertised and anticipated than the last album. Instead of just putting the album out, she and her team took their time with their advertisement plan.  

Before the album came out, she went to major cities in order to advertise the release. For each city, she put her album in a box, and whoever could break open the box was able to hear the album before it dropped. 

Thanks to this, people were anxious and excited to see what she had in store.

The new album “Still Over It”, consists of 20 songs and features popular 

artists such as Lil Durk, Cardi B, SZA, JT and more. A majority of the songs on this album are Walker telling her own personal stories and experiences with her past relationship with music producer London Holmes better known as London on da Track. 

This album gives off more of an “I hate you, but I still love you at the same time” vibe, and it definitely is a transition from the last album. 

When the album was released Walker gave an exclusive message saying, “Take this time to learn from my mistakes.”

 She also taps into the fact that she is moving on from her past relationships. The artist says, “Don’t settle for less – you can and you will.”

Social media has also played a strong role as far as advertising the album. Most of the songs on the album have already gone viral on TikTok.

 As time passes, we will see if these songs stick as much as they did for past albums. 

“Over It” will always be considered iconic, due to the fact that there are absolutely no skips on that album. “Still Over It,” on the other hand does have a strong couple of songs, but will only stick temporarily.  In my opinion, it’s a good album, but definitely inferior to  “Over It.”