Myani Clothing

Skylar Hamilton, Staff Writer

During the pandemic, people had time to do and learn new things. Some began new sports, some learned to cook and some took the time to open a business.

The pandemic caused a lot of businesses and restaurants to shut down. This made it very hard for people to make money. For H-F senior Triniti Fields, this was the case.

“During the pandemic, I realized that I didn’t want to work for somebody else and at the time I couldn’t work for anybody else since everything was shut down,” Fields said.

Fields is a young entrepreneur who began Myani Clothing during the pandemic. Myani Clothing is a small business that sells clothes such as t-shirts and sweatshirts through the business’s Instagram page.

The business began with just her friends and family, but when she received good feedback from them, she took Myani to the public. 

In starting a new business Fields had to think about the name, how she produced her product and what group the product will appeal to.

According to the young business owner, “the word Myani means my angel.” This led to what she could incorporate into her logo, which is angel wings around the name Myani. 

She also mentions that she added born in Chicago to the name of her business. “I wanted everyone to know that it is a Chicago-made brand,” Fields said.

If you don’t know, starting and maintaining a business takes diligent work. Fields had to invest in her own supplies such as her heat-press and her cameo. She makes all of her own products at home.

Considering how much people in our generation use the internet and social media, it is the perfect way to advertise. This is one of the ways that Fields is able to show people her business. As well as repping her brand around school and to the public in general.

Owning a business at such a young age can be exciting, and open opportunities for the future. When asked about the future of her business, Fields said, “I do see myself owning my own business in 20 years whether it’s adding to Myani or keeping Myani and creating another brand also.” We’ll just have to wait and see until then.

Fields can be found on Instagram @myaniclothing. You can support by reposting on social media or purchasing from the brand through her Instagram.