Why Teens Don’t Like Valentine’s Day

Myajah Johnson, Assistant Opinion Editor

“I don’t like Valentine’s Day.” 

I say these words and you’re probably instantly thinking that I’m some bitter, lovelorn teen. That’s not the case at all. In fact, I think that the idea of Valentine’s Day happens to be very cute, and the overall aesthetic is very appealing. 

I find the concept of the day to be quite enchanting. The idea of spending time with and showering your significant other in love is incredibly adorable. In a society full of hatred, it’s nice to have a day dedicated to spreading love.

The theme of the holiday is also very cute. The teddy bears, hearts, pink, purple, and red colors and themed candy create a charming and grin-inducing feeling.

My only bone to pick here is that it is so incredibly corny; I’m sure many others can back me on this. The holiday is cute if gift-giving is your love language, but if not, it’s so sappy. The day is full of cliches. 

Not to mention, it is heavily commercialized and is simply meant for companies to capitalize on.

According to 2019 statistics from FoxBusiness, The National Retail Federation estimated spending that year during the Valentine’s Day season to exceed $20.7 billion which increased 6 percent as opposed to the prior year. You can imagine how much it has gone up since then.

For companies, this “day of love” is all about their love of money.

I don’t like that the media has pushed that you have to have a valentine. If you don’t have one, you’re seen as lonely and lame. This again goes with them just trying to make even more money. 

Social media tends to bring out the worst in teens when it comes to relationships. It’s only gotten worse now that Valentine’s Day is approaching. When scrolling on Tik Tok, I’ll occasionally come across a video of an endearing couple, and the comment sections are absolutely insane. 

The comments will say absurd things such as:

“I hope they find out that they’re cousins.” 

“The highway is looking nice and cozy tonight.”

 “Awww *slams head into wall,*” and so many other crazy things.

From a young age, kids are fed the idea that when you become a teenager you’re supposed to have this magical romance. When single teens see other people their age in these happy, affectionate relationships, they become discontent and envious, as that’s what they desire. So, the fact that a day where they are going to see happy couples every corner they turn only enhances their sour feelings.

Some H-F students had their own reasons for disliking the questionable holiday.

“If you don’t have someone to spend it with, it’s the worst day of your life and you probably spend it crying nonstop,” sophomore Dia Jefferson said.

Sophomore Ariel Rose tries to see it in a different light. 

“I think this day is moreso reserved for couples but I think it’s cool when friends show each other love so everyone can celebrate in some type of way whether you’re in a relationship or not.”

Though the day might not be ideal for her, sophomore Kelly Parker tries to find the good in the holiday and spends her time doing other things.

“I think Valentine’s Day in theory is a cute holiday itself. But for me personally, who’s spent every year on Valentine’s Day single, that day just reminds me that I’m lonely. But it’s okay because I still get the candy the day after when it goes on sale. I also sometimes have Galentine’s with my girl-friends which makes the day fun.”

While being able to enjoy the holiday, sophomore Alex Fox can see why others might not exactly like it.

“I like it now because I’m in a happy relationship, but for other people, I feel like it’s a day of grief. And sometimes it can be too much.”

Valentine’s Day has made people think that if they don’t find love at a young age, they’ll never find it. 

“Sometimes I wonder what love even is and how, where, and when I’ll find it. I wonder if I’ll ever find someone to love me the way I love them,” freshman Kendall Pace said. “Society pushes you to find love young, and if you don’t that’s not good. But if you’re too old, it’s not worth it and there’s no point. People have given up on love just because of that.”

If you’re in a relationship, then you have nothing to fear, but if you’re single and crabby, have fun blasting your favorite heartbreak anthems on this banal day of anguish.