Do Teens Care About Going to College Today?


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Kennedy Hardy, Staff Writer

As the time for the class of ‘22 to go to college approaches and the time for the class of ‘23 to apply to college there seems to be a common misconception among the classes of; What do I want to do after high school?

Now, this question can apply to many different statements.

For example, in career terms, you could be asking yourself what career field that you want to go into after high school. Or possibly, what colleges you’re interested in.

This is a difficult question to answer and usually ends up sending teens into a spiral as they approach their senior year and college application deadlines.

Some teens will pursue college because they want an education and a regular 9-5, they want to have an established career and a degree will get them that.

But as I grow older, I see my junior classmates and some seniors changing up the scene and choosing new career paths for themselves.

According to, nearly a third of college freshmen drop out before their sophomore year.

I strongly believe that a lot of graduating seniors only go to college because they fear that their parents will judge them if they don’t.

I know that parents typically get upset if teens don’t attend college because they feel that you cannot support yourself without a degree, which is the furthest thing from the truth.

There are many many careers that don’t involve getting a college degree, plenty of them are quite good as well.

Some of those include a dental hygienist, realtor agent or an executive assistant.

Outside of careers, there are plenty of options outside of college in general.

You could possibly take a gap year, go to trade school, start a business you’re passionate about or even get an internship somewhere that can build you connections!

The possibilities are actually endless.

Another thing that I’ve been seeing common as gen-z graduates, they are following their dreams. By that I mean, they are going into careers that they are interested in instead of just opting into a 9-5.

They want to go to school for acting, music, film or even modeling! It’s amazing.

Commonly, it’s really risky to go into one of these careers because it’s really hard to make it without really strong connections.

Famous people rule over these industries, and after that, their kids will continue to rule over the industry and it’s just an ongoing thing. I mean, take a look at your favorite actor, they are probably related to someone famous. It’s just how these industries are, connections get you places.

Other teens seem to enjoy going into cosmetic businesses. The hair, the nails and the eyelashes. Supporting themselves while also teaching and educating themselves on these things.

Can you believe that according to, in 1970, only 26 percent of middle class workers had higher education after high school, compared to now where 60% of jobs require degrees. It really goes to show how times have changed.

No matter what, I think, with whatever you go into, you should make sure that you’re doing something that you love. Don’t let your parents or anyone else stop you from doing what you enjoy.

It would be completely horrific to find yourself ten years and one degree into a career that you’re not passionate about. If you’re gonna be employed and working long hours to make a living, make sure that you’re doing something that you love.