H-F Speech Returns


Courtesy of the Speech team

H-F Speech team at the Regional competition

HDA, dramatic interpretation, impromptu.

Individually, these words don’t really mean anything.

Together, however, they’re just three of the many categories that H-F’s Speech Team deals with every single day. 

Altogether, our Speech team consists of roughly 45 incredibly dedicated students. Throughout the season, each participant works hard to create, memorize and perfect their individual speeches. 

There are 15 different event categories for each team member to choose from, although most end up participating in more than one. Some notable categories are Dramatic Duet Acting, Radio Speaking, and Informative Speaking.

The speech team’s Regional Competition this year took place on Feb. 5 at Dwight D. Eisenhower High School. Head coach Janine Stroemer describes the team’s performance at the regional competition: “Most students are new, so for a rebuilding team they knocked it out of the park.”

At regionals, junior Helena Laven and freshman Stella Hoyt received first place in Dramatic Duet Acting. Junior Aaron McIntyre received straight ones in the final round and  placed first in the Prose Speaking category. Senior Josh Bridges also earned straight ones in his final round and claimed the top spot in Radio Speaking. Many other participants from H-F of both under and upperclassmen earned impressive scores, ultimately awarding H-F with third place at the competition. 

H-F speech is not only known for their impressive performance and meticulous talent, but also for the family-like dynamic that surrounds the team. “I think that it’s the perfect blend of having fun as a family and having fun as a community,” said speech coach Kanoa Mulling. “Regardless of our results, we just hope our performances are ones everyone is proud of.” 

This teaching mindset has proven successful for H-F speech for many years. “[Coaches] understand the importance of comfort to ensure success, and it is clear in their willingness to work in harmony with our schedule, mental health, physical ability, as well as intelligence levels,” said senior and three-year speech member Diamond Carrington

H-F often has state qualifiers, despite the difficulty of their sectional rounds. ¨We have been known to have the toughest sectional in the state. Pretty much everyone who makes the final round is state ready,” stated Stroemer. 

The sectional competition took place on Saturday, Feb. 12. The team placed second overall, sending members Hoyt (Dramatic Interpretation), Carrington (Oratorical Declamation), and McIntyre (Extemporaneous Declamation) to state. 

At the state competition on Feb. 18 and 19, H-F took 21st place, with Diamond Carrington placing fourth in Oratorical Declamation, Aaron McIntyre placing sixth in Extemporaneous Declamation, and Stella Hoyt placing 12th in Dramatic Interpretation. The conclusion of the team’s season came very heartfelt upon the success of these performances.

After many years of contribution to the program, Stroemer has marked the retirement from her time with H-F Speech. She will be handing off her position to assistant coach Prince Lowe, who also has been mentoring the program for many years. 

“To see students find their voice and run with it; to see students connect through this vehicle and with so many events is what is most exciting to me. That’s why I stay with it,” said Stroemer. “And I’ll be passing it on to very strong and considerate hands.”