Turf Fields: Will They Be Ready For the Season?


As we all know by now, the H-F Softball and Baseball programs are getting brand new turf fields and lights for this upcoming season. 

These renovations will advance the program in many ways by offering more opportunities for practices and games. The turf will make practices and games in the frequently rainy spring weather possible, and the lights will allow night games to take place. 

Also, even though this seems to be a pretty pricey project, projected to cost almost 3.7 million dollars, having this turf will save money in the long run by cutting out all of the maintenance costs of taking care of the dirt fields. No more time and money spent on drawing white lines in chalk or recovering the fields after a storm. 

However the season is quickly approaching and our Softball and Baseball teams have already started practicing in the turf room multiple times a week. Yet, if you take a look around campus these fields are still torn up in construction.

So, this leads us to wonder, will the turf fields be ready for the Softball and Baseball season?

Due to some unforeseen complications, Head Softball Coach Larry Dawson has some doubts about the field being ready for the upcoming season.

 “Unfortunately I do not believe the turf fields will be done in time for the softball season,” Dawson stated. 

“The weather has created some significant delays so we will be going back to what we know, softball on the dirt fields.” 

So, although these fields might not be completely ready for games when the season starts, they will still be a great addition to the programs for years to come.

 Despite this delay, Dawson still seems optimistic for the upcoming season.  He stated that, “While it would have been great to have them ready, we will be just as prepared and look forward to getting the season started!”

Softball and Baseball players who were hoping to use the turf for their final year at H-F have also been anxiously awaiting news on the turf’s status. 

Varsity Softball player, Nicolette Parrott, explained that “The turf fields would be nice to have for my final season at H-F, but if they’re not done in time it doesn’t really affect the season too much.”

Additionally, “I hope the fields are ready to play on by the time the games start this season” stated hopeful Varsity Baseball player, Charlie Faoro.

So, they’re may still be some hope for these fields being ready at the start of the season, but it looks like we’re all going to have to wait until the spring season begins to know for sure.