How To Make Relationships Last


Kennedy Hardy, Staff Writer

Relationships as a whole are a very broad topic.

Relationships can vary from being platonic, basically friendship or family, to being romantic. 

Whether you are in a platonic or romantic relationship, there is something common with them; disagreements.

Disagreements within any relationship are tough and could lead to temporary or long-term arguments depending on how vulgar they are.

I may sound like a therapist, but learning the ability to communicate, understand others’ feelings and admit when you’re wrong is a big thing and frankly is key to making all the relationships in your life work.

Platonic or romantic, it’s important to establish boundaries when you become close to someone.

Boundaries can vary from telling someone you don’t enjoy being hugged, avoiding sensitive topics or just giving space to someone when they get overwhelmed.

Respecting and establishing boundaries provides for healthy relationships. Plus, you get an insight into what the certain person is or isn’t comfortable with.

Another thing is space.

It’s important to give people around you space and to also give yourself time to be alone.

Being around someone constantly is good, but it also can lead to stress because you might feel like you can never be alone.

To be alone is not necessarily a bad thing. It gives you time to relax, grow and get to know yourself better. So, try to equal the time that you’re alone to the time that you spend with people for a healthy brain and relationship!

An amazing thing you can do is make sure that trust is there.

What’s the point of being in a relationship, platonic or romantic, if you can’t trust the other person? It’s almost as if you’re asking for problems with one another.

Trust and communication are both foundations for good relationships. Bad trust or no trust equates to bad relationships.

Have you ever found someone that you’re close with doing something that upsets you? Well, they may have crossed a boundary of yours.

Boundaries are very important and fundamental to aid in a good relationship. It’s always important to let people know if they are doing something that makes you uncomfortable.

If a person doesn’t know your boundaries, they might often overstep them. When you don’t speak up about a problem, it will only lead to more conflict.

A few examples of boundaries could end up being establishing privacy, the communication of each other’s needs or something as simple as asking them not to talk to someone that makes you uncomfortable. 

All of the things that I’ve talked about above, equate to healthy relationships. Without those, you’ll find yourself having trouble and constant conflict within your relationship.

So, practice healthy actions in relationships. Don’t start unnecessary arguments and always be kind.

Remember, the people that you have relationships with, shape your life in many different ways. They can make you sad, mad or happy. But, try taking the higher road implementing healthier practices.

Cheers to improving relationships and becoming closer!