It’s more than just a SEXy pill

“Women get on birth control just to have sex.”

Nah! This is so untrue.

Birth control is a way for those who are sexually active to be responsible for their decisions. It’s a way to prevent something that you’re not necessarily ready for.

It should be praised that some teenagers take the initiative to get on birth control because that means that they care about their future.

They understand that sex is an important step in a relationship and want to be ready for any of the consequences.

This all runs contrary to the belief that women get on birth control to be big ol’ sluts who want to sleep around indiscriminately.

But if you do want to do that, do it. Your body belongs to you.

It’s not fair for parents, teachers or even friends to place a label on a woman who uses birth control. They think that she is sexually active because she’s on the pill.

The truth is that many women get on birth control for other non-sexual reasons.

Rachel K. Jones of the Guttmacher Institute found that 58 percent of all pill users and 33 percent of teens use the pill for non-sexual reasons.

Some 762,000 women who have never had sex use the pill.

According to WebMD, the birth control pill has many benefits besides preventing pregnancy.

The pill reduces cramps, protects against heavy periods, and can change your monthly flow.

It can help stop bloating and tenderness.



The pill helps to reschedule your period, so it won’t come at inconvenient times.

It may help to clear your skin over time. It can banish blemishes and acne.

A woman on the pill may use it to ease the aching pains she feels while on her period, not because she wants to have sex freely.