Paying for my Femininity?


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Having your period is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, it’s natural, and not really something in your control. Considering that, I think it’s time that we acknowledge that pads and tampons are unnecessarily expensive and should be free.

According to the National Organization for Women, women spend upwards of $18,000 on feminine care products across their lifetime. 

Depending on the brand, type and quantity, a single box of tampons usually costs between $7 and $30 at Target. A box of pads there costs between around $5 and $30. If you want organic products, prices vary at an even higher rate. 

Not only are the products already expensive, but when you add on the pink tax, the costs are even more excessive. The pink tax is the argument that higher taxes are imposed on women’s products as opposed to men’s. If this argument is true, then this is gender discrimination at its finest.

This applies to both menstrual products and other items as well. 

Consider bras, ranging from $16-$50, according to Even sanitary napkins, though only costing around $4 at Target, are yet another thing to be paid for. 

There are so many things that women have to pay for to be considered an “upstanding woman” in society, that men don’t have to worry about. 

Profiting off of this is unethical and unfair.

People who have a menstrual cycle do not choose to, nor do we have the option to get rid of them, unless, of course, we have the means to invest a large amount of money and give up the chance of having children. I’m sure that the number of people willing to do these things is very low. 

Also, consider homeless people. While already struggling financially, they become even more burdened when having to figure out how to support themselves when that time of the month comes around. If menstrual products were free, that would take a big load off of their backs.

During the process of dealing with the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of their menstrual cycle, women simultaneously have to worry about being able to get and afford products. It is truly an inconvenience.

Pads and tampons are not a want. They are a need.

Without having pads and tampons, the public is exposed to the knowledge of knowing whether you are on your period or not. Not having the proper products to support yourself when on your period could ultimately result in disaster. 

I doubt that it would be ideal for society to be condemned to consistently seeing menstrual blood stains on people’s pants.

For sanitary and hygiene reasons, this is also not ideal. 

The menstrual cycle is a bodily function. Having a period is usually a sign that someone is able to have a child, so why should we have to pay for something that is a necessary task to keep the human population going?

Women have been through the trenches for centuries. Periods are already a nuisance and the bane of one’s existence. While having to deal with the major discomfort, the least that society could do is make dealing with it a bit easier by making menstrual products free.