Graduation is here.


Mia Starkenburg

H-F’s football field; where graduation is taking place this year.

Attention class of 2022, graduation is taking place May 29, 2022, and here’s what you should expect.

This years ceremony will be the first look at a “new normal” after COVID. Last year, graduation involved four different ceremonies, and socially distanced seats. As well as, giving out only two tickets per graduate. 

The year before that, graduation was completely virtual. Fortunately, we’re finally getting a look at how the usual ceremony at H-F looks.

Interim Principal, Dr. James Mitchem stated, “Based on the planning of this year’s graduation, it will be traditional in the way it was prior to the pandemic.”

If the weather allows, the ceremony will take place outside on H-F’s football field. Otherwise, it will be in the south building gymnasium, with overflow in the auditorium watching a livestream. 

Each graduate will receive limited color-coded tickets, three for the inside ceremony and four for outside.  

 For administration, this is an extremely positive event to look forward to. Mitchem stated, “Clearly anytime that we can offer students a traditional high school experience, it’s much better. Obviously there’s been a lot of trauma as a result of COVID-19.Getting back to normalcy is a very good thing”

With so many things missed out on during COVID, this is extremely anticipated event. Over 1200 of H-F’s seniors in the past three years haven’t had a traditional graduation. 

But finally, H-F’s seniors are getting the proper send-off that they deserve.