Things are Looking Up for H-F Students

How Students are Feeling at the End of Quarter 3


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Mia Starkenburg, Assistant Feature Editor

As the third quarter comes to a close, we are all feeling a range of emotions. Depending on the person, it could be stress, relief, dread or even excitement. 

The 21-22 school year has been different than most. Coming back after a year of online school, we’ve had to get used to a new normal. Starting the year off with masks, social distancing, limited capacity levels and Chromebooks for every student. 

In addition, at H-F we have a large range of students; all with varying backgrounds and learning levels. This brings different struggles and concerns in conjunction with changes with COVID. 

Regardless, one thing remains to be true; Students are starting to get eager about summer approaching. 

“In my mind it is basically summer, so that means I start to slack on my work and go into my summer mindset but I have to take a step back and remember that there is still work for me to do and I have to finish strong,” said junior, Kaisse Haynes

Although Haynes is in a unique situation, she is a rising senior. This means a rapid increase in preparing for the future. 

Haynes stated, “I’ll be spending the summer looking at colleges and oddly enough that excites me.”

Unlike her peers, she’s actually looking forward to planning for adulthood. 

But we have to remember one thing, Haynes’s opinion is unlike her peers. Most students feel enormous amounts of stress as the school year comes to an end. 

Students anticipate the AP exams, SATs and end of semester finals just around the corner. With those dates creeping closer, the timeline for preparation and studying shrinks. 

As it is the last chance for a GPA boost, students can feel pressure to perform. 

Sophomore, Kelly Parker said this, “It’s kinda like this is my last chance to bring home a really great report card this year and I’m worried about letting my parents down if I don’t.”

That stress can pile up, but luckily Parker appreciates how her teacher’s workload makes it easier. 

“I think the workload throughout my classes has pretty much stayed the same throughout the school year and I appreciate my teachers and their consistency,” she said. 

 “As the year goes by and we continue to follow the same pattern, I get more used to the expectations and the assignments become easier since I now know how to communicate with my teachers when I need their help.”

She is thankful for the fact that forming relationships with her teachers helps her to perform better in class. It makes asking for help during a time of difficulty so much easier. 

All in all, as the school year comes to an end, it’s your last chance to make all that hard work worth while.