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Wordle and its remixes!

Wordle and its remixes!

Isaiah Adeleke, Editor-in-Chief

Wordle has taken the world by storm. If you somehow do not know what Wordle is and have been living under a rock for the last two months, I am here to tell you.

Wordle is a game where you have to guess a five letter word in six attempts. The game gives you hints the more you guess, if you guess the letter correctly but not in the correct place the letter will be yellow, if you guess the letter correctly and it is in the right spot the letter will turn green. 

By the sixth guess you should have a very strong idea of what the word is but if you are cool like me (or lucky) you might guess the daily word in only two or three guesses.

Mind you I just said daily, yes sadly you can only play the game once every 24 hours and if you are anything like me you stay up until Midnight and see how fast you can get the word. 

But just like everything else when something becomes popular everyone joins the trend and there have been quite a few Wordle adaptations. I am here to let you know about making that 24 hour countdown without Wordle go by a little faster. 

  • Poetltl is Wordle, but for NBA Fans! Every 24 hours there is a new mystery, and current, NBA player that you have to guess correctly in eight tries. Like with Wordle, users guess an NBA player, and categories will either appear in green, yellow or no color. There are eight different categories that include; Player name, team, conference, division, position, height, age and jersey number. For example if you guess the mystery player’s conference correctly that category will turn green, if you guess the height wrong by a few inches that category will turn yellow and so on. If you are struggling with the game you can turn on silhouette mode and it will bring up a shadow of the NBA player. This is my absolute favorite Wordle adaptation.


  • Not an NBA fan? Well no worries because if you like trivia you will LOVE factle. Like the original Wordle, players have six guesses to get the right answer, but instead of guessing a five letter word, players have to rank the order of five facts. Every 24 hours the game will give its players a new prompt such as “Most bought cereal in the U.S?” The game will then list about 20 different cereals and you must get the five most bought cereal AND the correct order to win the daily game. In order to help its player, if you guess an answer in the top five but wrong order that box will turn yellow so you know it is in the top five but not in that spot. If you guess the item correctly the box will turn green. This game teaches you fun information in a fun way.


  • Quordle is Wordle, but four times harder. That is not a joke. The game is Wordle but instead of trying to guess one word in six attempts you try to guess four words in nine attempts. The same rules apply to the original Wordle game. I recommend this game for people who believe Wordle is becoming too easy. I will just say, Good Luck Charlie.


  • 4.Lewdle
  • Lewdle follows the same exact rules as Wordle. You have six guesses to guess a five letter word and the yellow and green letters represent the same thing they do as the original Wordle. What makes Lewdle different you may ask? Well instead of guessing “normal” words the player must open their brain a little more and guess words that may feature profanity, or rude words. It is a great game to play if you get a little bored just have your brightness down a little bit.


  • 5.Squabble
  • Squabble follows the same rules as Wordle but this time you are playing versus friends in a battle royale setting. You get a very short timer to guess the correct word and the more incorrect guesses the lower your health in the game. The more guesses correct the more health you have and the longer you stay “alive”. If you are competitive this is a game for you.

These adaptations are coming out on a daily basis and I look forward to new variants all the time and as much as possible. While these new variants are great, nothing can ever top the original Wordle.