H-F Students Attend First Prom In Two Years


Crowned prom queen Tori Wright and prom king Lawrence Evans on the night of prom.

After two long years of seniors not being able to experience one of the most infamous events of high school; prom is finally happening for H-F students.

The senior and junior prom was held on May 7 at Chicago’s Field Museum. Tickets for entry this year were $125.

Career and technical education teacher, Courtney Alexander, explained why the prices were that high.

“The ticket prices account for the cost of the venue, food, photography, DJ, lighting, decorations, and videography,” Alexander said. “We must ensure that we cover all the expenses associated with prom.”

The class of 2022 was deprived of their junior prom, so there was high expectations and heavy anticipation regarding this year.

Senior, Kyla Emory expressed her predictions.

“I think prom will be great this year because it will be the first prom held in a couple years, and I am just excited to see everyone all dressed up.”

Overall, students that attended this year’s prom were looking forward to the event that marks their high school career coming to an end.

With the aid of the junior and senior body representatives, Alexander, Gail Smith-director of activities- and H-F’s administrative team went with the theme of Chaos to Couture.

The inspiration for this year’s theme was derived from the highly acclaimed 2013 Met gala’s theme. 

Although some students liked the idea of this year’s prom theme, some didn’t have any set feelings towards it.

I honestly do not even completely understand what the theme is so I do not particularly love it or hate it”, said Emory.

Alexander expressed her excitement about her contribution to this year’s prom.

“It feels amazing to be able to offer this opportunity this year and I can’t wait to see the students having a great time and dressed in their formal attire,” Alexander said.

According to Alexander, this year’s prom participants will be in for a big surprise, which was Alexander’s favorite part of planning.

Since this is the junior class first prom experience, they have quite the expectations as well.

Chase Rogers opened up about how she thought prom would go.

I expect prom to be very electric since it’s the first real prom the school has hosted since 2019,” Rogers said.

Rogers envisions how her fellow prom goers feel about participating in this year’s prom.

 “I think everyone’s really excited to have the privilege of having prom back so the vibes are good,” voiced Rogers.

But, just because the expectations were high,  does not mean they were to be lived up to. Come the day of prom; after stressful days of preparation, students were a bit let down.

“The prom itself didn’t meet my expectations. I did not see the theme present in the decorations(there weren’t many decorations anyway) and the music wasn’t good” ,said Emory.

Although, Emory still found a bright side to the situation.

“The things I did before and after prom were very memorable, and seeing everyone looking nice was great” , said Emory.

Despite some expectations being let down, senior Tori Wright had a great time.

“Prom exceeded my expectations, it was such a beautiful experience that I’m grateful the class of 2022 was able to have. It couldn’t have been any more perfect than it was”

 Wright was also crowned prom queen, which contributed to making her night so special.

“It was awesome to win prom queen, I’m absolutely elated and honored to know that my peers voted for me. I couldn’t be more happy and grateful.”

Wright credits a big contributor in planing prom with making her night so wonderful.

“I wouldn’t change anything about this year’s prom. I think it was beautifully orchestrated by Ms. Alexander!   Ms. Alexander announcing my name as this year’s prom queen made it very memorable.”

Prom queen wasn’t the only thing announced that night, as Lawrence Evans was crowned prom king.

“ I felt very ecstatic to win Prom King. Every time I think about it , it just feels so surreal.”

Evans was grateful to his friends for campaigning for him, and had a joy filled night.

“It also made me happy to see everyone root for me and it showed me that they wanted me to win just as much as I did.”

All in all this year’s prom received varying opinions from H-F’s students, but it still will remain a vital part of a student’s high school experience.

“I believe prom is still a quintessential moment of the senior year experience,” said Emory.