Seniors’ Last Trip Home


Photo By Ernest Woods

The football team running out to start the homecoming game!

Almeda Wallace , Staff Writer

The 2022 football homecoming game is now over with a score of 20-17. H-F went up against Bradley Bourbonnais who H-F beat last year.

There was a lot of passion and hard work put into the game, mainly from the seniors since this was their last highschool homecoming game.

Terrell Cobb, who coaches the defensive line, felt that “There were many distractions with the homecoming week and making sure they stayed focused on the game,” said Cobb.

Homecoming week had a lot of fun activities going on, with football as one of the main topics along with the homecoming dance.

”Distractions aside, the team did a great job on the field and brought home a victory.”

Overall the players really showed on the field and made the whole school proud and had the stands going crazy after the win 

“It was a crazy win, it was one of those games where we kind of had to dig deep and show some resiliency, big win” said Cobb. 

Currently the football team is 4-1 in the season, and the seniors on the team are super excited about their record so far.

Senior Aidian Price expressed how he felt about this homecoming game “Ifelt like the homecoming game came fast and it won’t fully hit me that I won’t have another one until the season is actually over.” Price said.

With this being such a big game for the players, the stakes were high and there were a lot of nerves surrounding the team.

“I wasn’t nervous, if anything I was anxious and excited and all the fans in the stadium made me even more excited because of all the support and good energy they brought with them to the game.” Price said.

Along with Price, senior Kyle Murry also acknowledged that he “felt nervous about the game because I didn’t want to lose my last homecoming game, and the atmosphere of the road gave me chills.”

Emotions were high for the seniors during the game, and after speaking with Murry, the emotions the team were feeling became more understandable.

The team was really excited to play, especially since it was their first home game where a lot of people attended this year. 

“I was excited because it felt good to have my first home game in a long time with a crowd and the students section got me hyped and ready to play.” Murry said.

Even the students were sitting on the edge of their seats, watching how close the score was and hoping the team pulled through.

Junior Braxon Pryor had some input about how he and other students at the game felt about the close win.

“The start of the game started really rocky and it was a close game for a minute with Bradley in the lead, but of course at the end of the day we won!” Pryor said.

H-F applaud the seniors who put hard work and effort into awarding the school with this win, and hope that our future seniors can continue to raise the bar in the upcoming years.