Dress codes are morally wrong

H-F preaches equality for all but the dress code targets different body types and lowers females’ self-esteem.


Graphic made by Kaori Hazel

Are we all the same? For student today dress codes are enforced based on body type.

Kaori Hazel , Staff Writer

The H-F dress code is a biased and prejudiced rule that has a significant impact on our school community. Not only has it affected me, but it’s also affected a large amount of the female students at this school. This isn’t just a school issue, but a societal one as well.

The dress code has been an issue for a long time and has even been protested against, yet there has barely been any change. Being dress-coded for wearing the same thing as a “smaller” girl affected how I viewed myself. I shouldn’t look in the mirror and wish my body was different or slimmer because of a school rule. It simply does more harm than good.

     Students getting dress-coded takes away from their learning time as well, due to security guards pulling them out of class or teachers sending them to the dean’s office simply because of their outfits. Students missing lessons because of their style and clothing should not be a problem that is focused on at school. 

Off-the-shoulder tops and ripped jeans are considered to be “distracting,” but to who?  The dress code is incredibly sexist and doesn’t implement the same rule for all genders, as it uses less extreme rules when it comes to boys. The rules for boys are simple, everyday things that shouldn’t be done in school like wearing inappropriate outfits and offensive clothing but for girls, the dress code tells us we can’t wear everyday clothing pieces. 

What is considered appropriate for a smaller female is deemed inappropriate for a “bigger” female further proving my point that the dress code is based on your body type and is not an unbiased rule.

   How the school responds to students when they complain about the dress code is unsettling. This is a serious problem that not only bothers students but it bothers parents. This shows that the school system doesn’t care about what we have to say. It is unprofessional and extremely inattentive to the students.

    The dress code not only targets females but it targets individuality. Being open about who you are through the clothing you choose to wear should not be a problem at school. We should be able to openly express ourselves and not feel ashamed or guilty to be who we are. None of these problems shouldn’t have been a problem, to begin with. Your body should not affect your learning experience neither should your skin. What you look like should have nothing to do with your learning experience nor should it affect it.


Therefore, teens shouldn’t be nervous to wear something that is considered inappropriate by our educators and that isn’t a problem for smaller females. Showing a little skin should be ok, we shouldn’t have to cover up what was naturally given to us. We can’t control how our bodies make others feel and if they aren’t able to conceal it then that is not our job as young women to try and suppress who we are. Let’s just let kids be kids and live their lives.