Yes I said it: Marvel’s Hit a Rough Patch

When marvel movies were first introduced it was amazing getting to see the superheroes you watched on cartoons be played in live action movies. Fast forward about 10 years since the first Ironman movie, the entertainment industry is oversaturated with mediocre movies and shows starring our favorite heroes.

The downfall of the MCU happened as quickly as it was hard to look at. They went from huge blockbusters such as Avengers: Endgame with great plots and intense action to boring lackluster movies like Black Widow and Thor: Love and Thunder. It was like watching the Mona Lisa get stuffed into a paper shredder.

Of course not all of it was terrible though.

The newest Spiderman movie, Spiderman: No Way Home, was all that I had hoped it would be. It concluded the most recent spiderman movie trilogy starring Tom Holland in a way that brought a smile to every fan by bringing all of the past spidermen and having a big fight scene. Shang-chi has the best fight scenes in Marvel to date with even better cgi.

The introduction of phase 4 brought lots of hype into the community with the promise of the Fantastic 4 joining the MCU within the next two years. But, as we all know, that has yet to happen. 

Phase 4 was announced in 2021 at the same time Covid-19 put the world on hold. The phase they had planned was delayed which resulted in highly anticipated movies like Black Panther 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Fantastic 4 having their release dates set back.

The delays caused a problem in the movie’s production and of course fans were not happy.

The virus caused many to be angry, but we all understand that it’s hard to make movies during a pandemic, so while there was some outrage, it was understandable.

What is not understandable is the movies that we did get and their mediocrity. Black Widow disappointed many with the way the MCU depicted the main villain, TaskMaster. The smart, cunning, and cold villain had become a victim of brain controlling which upset many. 

The MCU’s rendition of the character was not close to the original at all. This Task Master could barely speak and was blind and deaf which is the difference between the original and the MCU rendition. The original was a terminator like assassin that patronized his opponents, very enjoyable.

Then the next disappointment was the Eternals. The movie was a snoozefest, they introduced characters no one recognized and expected people to care what happened to them. While the production was good it was wasted on characters fans didn’t care about.This is probably the least hyped marvel movie in years. We go to watch the movies to see the characters we saw as kids in live action movies, not to see nobodies that no one has heard of.

I also want to talk about the newest Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. The computer generated imagery was good, they introduced a new Thor, Jane Foster, introduced other gods, such as Zeus and had a good villain: Gorr the God Butcher. Then you may be wondering, what was the problem? The answer was the terrible jokes and dialogue. Almost every major point in the movie was not taken seriously and was instead used to set up a joke. This was the best movie of all the ones I had gripes with, but still the flaws were hard to ignore.

Do I think that Marvel will continue to get worse? No, actually.

When the big movies that I know are going to be great the MCU will get back to its former glory. These past 2 years have just been a very bad rough patch, but things will improve.

And if it doesn’t?

It doesn’t matter, superhero movies are the biggest cash cow in the movie industry. I personally wouldn’t care if they made the worst movie of all time with a terrible ending, so long as it has Spiderman I’m going to watch it.