Powder Puff Pummel


In this year’s Powder Puff game, the senior girls won in impressive fashion, 48-20, led behind Ana-Liese Torian who had a great game. Ana-liese had three touchdowns and three interceptions. The juniors tried to stay in the game, but the seniors were too much for them.

Last year’s Powder Puff game was the biggest win ever as the first time the junior team beat the senior team. The win was a surprise to everyone, except the juniors, who knew they were going to win last year. The group was crazy talented and pulled out a crazy upset. The juniors’ win stands as the most surprising game because it was their first win.

      On the first play for the seniors, Torian scored and gave the seniors great momentum. The juniors tried to fight back and stay in the game but the seniors laid the smackdown. The seniors repeat as winners again, after the juniors won for the first time last year. Don’t get me wrong, the juniors are talented – but the seniors are superior.

I asked a few people who watched the game what their reactions were. Gabe Gatheright said, “ I was truly excited with our continuous wins in this type of competition. I was also surprised by the amount of people that came to the game and I was proud of our senior girls for putting forth great effort and taking on the juniors”.

 I also asked John Gore, a starting wide receiver on the football team and who coached in the game, what his thoughts were. He went on to say, “ It was a good game on the coaching side of it. Our team work really wasn’t there but at the end we just said ‘lets just have fun and let the girls just be themselves,’ and that’s what we did we just sat back and watched the game and it was fun.” 

Overall, I expect next year’s seniors to continue the tradition of beating on the juniors. I expect nothing less from the seniors, and they should win easily. The juniors could win the game and be the second time they win. The game is a great experience for the girls to just have fun with your class and compete against each other.