NFL Pound 4 Pound

Superbowl Favorites


The Super Bowl is basically a national holiday in the US at this point. The nation’s biggest football fans are glued to their screens all day to watch the biggest game of the year. The team that stands out to me is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are coming off with a loss against the Chiefs in the AFC divisional game. They are full of vengeance and on a revenge tour. The path is set for them to make the Super Bowl, and Josh Allen is that guy for real so I have faith.

My next favorite is the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers beefed up their defense with Khalil Mack and J.C. Jackson. The Chargers are already a problem and they have become a dangerous team in the NFL. The final favorite is the Philadelphia Eagles. They had a good draft defensively and acquired AJ Brown in the offseason. They have the pieces they need to make a deep postseason run this year.


Contending in modern-day football is like building a puzzle; if you don’t have all the pieces, then all you’re doing is wasting your time. There are only a select few teams that can make it into the playoffs and even fewer who can contend. One team that has finally found all the pieces to their puzzle is the Buffalo Bill. After many years of being on the fringe of greatness this year, they are looking like the team that we all know they can be. With the new addition of Von Miller to their already great defense, both offense and defense are poised to put up a lot of points and as long as the injury bug doesn’t hit this team they are Superbowl locks.

Another team that figured out the puzzle would be the LA Chargers. Signing Jackson and trading for Mack made an average secondary into a top-three defense in the league. With Derwin James and Jackson, it’s not a stretch to say they have the best cornerback room in the NFL. Plus, with Justin Herbert improving every game, the Chargers are looking to make some noise in the AFC.

Now, for the last team that figured out their puzzle years ago and needs no explanation. It’s the Kansas City Chiefs. I don’t need to explain this, The run-and-gun offense that thrives as long as they have Patrick Mahomes. Although they lost Tyreek Hill, I still believe that they will not miss a step when it comes to their offense. The real question is their defense. With the loss of Tyrann Mathiues, the Chiefs’ defense is looking weak, but I believe that their notoriously great offense will carry them.

Favorite rookie from the NFL Draft


Being a rookie in the NFL is super stressful but exciting. You’re beginning the start of the rest of your life, and making a go of it in a new city. The rookie season is important in determining whether you will last in the NFL. No rookie looks more impressive than Sauce Gardner.

Gardner is the best defensive player coming out of the draft and left a legacy back at Cincinnati. Gardner didn’t allow a single touchdown his entire career at Cincinnati. The shutdown corner is a huge force on defense and a key asset to the Jets’ defense. I guarantee he will be a top-three corner in the league.


Entering the 2022 draft, there was undeniable talent all across the board, but my favorite player was definitely Kyle Hamilton. At 6’4 and 220 pounds, the safety from Notre Dame was one of the best run defenders in college ball last year. Plus, with a massive wingspan he can swat and pick off balls without a problem. If he bulks up his skinny frame and gets faster I could see him being a top tier NFL player.

NFL Hot Takes


You never know how a season will play out no matter how predictable it appears. Football is unpredictable and can leave you shocked and left with your jaw on the floor. The Bears season is predictable, but that’s off-topic. My first hot take is that the Bengals won’t make the playoffs. The Cincinnati Bengals shocked everyone last year and made it to the Super Bowl, led by Joe Burrow. The last time the Bengals made the Super Bowl before this previous one was 1988. I don’t think they will make it back this year, but we’ll see.

Now this one is a little bit of a stretch…the Lions will finish second in the NFC North. The Lions have an up and coming wide receiver with Amon-Ra St. Brown and a tough, ride or die coach in Dan Campbell; you can’t not hate the Lions. Lastly, the Miami Dolphins will be a dark horse in making the playoffs this year. The Dolphins acquired Tyreek Hill this season and have a really good core as a team. I believe they will make it far this season.


With every new season comes many possibilities. The best teams could struggle to make the playoffs, tanking teams could sneak into the wild card game, and rookies could carry a team to greatness. Unless you’re the Cowboys, who will forever suck. With so many possibilities I want to try and predict the future. I think the Bills will go undefeated and then win the super bowl.

Everything is in their favor – great players, great coaches, and of course Josh Allen. Allen, half-man half-god, has been on a tear for the last few games and he doesn’t look like he’s going to stop soon. I don’t believe that the Bengals are going to run it back and go to Superbowl, I wouldn’t be surprised if they struggle to make the playoffs.

While every team got better and added superstars the bengals improved” the sub-par O-line and prayed on their hands and knees that Jamaar Chase could drag their team into the playoffs.