Keeping Up With The Conditioning


Picture of an HF baseball player

Javoris Bohannon, Staff Writer

Although the boys’ baseball season has not started yet, they’re starting their conditioning. The fitness center is in H-F’s north building and some things they do to train are conditioning, strength training and more in order to get better at your sport. 

After speaking to the head coach of the varsity baseball team, John McCarthy, he stated that he believes the perfect amount of practice is four to five hours a week. 

Training during the baseball offseason is very important and key. When players aren’t in season, they train on speed and strength. That is the key to being a successful baseball player.

“Baseball players will typically train quick twitch muscles along with flexibility during the off-season.  Muscle development is important as well, but speed and flexibility are super important for the sport of baseball,” said McCarthy. 

Adam Vogel, who runs the fitness center, explained what athletes train on during the offseason. “After a student-athlete finishes their season and has taken a week or two off for a mental break and returns back into the weight room, we first want to re-establish their range of motion,” he said. 

If an athlete is efficient in what they’re training on, they move on to the next stage.  “With high school student-athletes that is typically strength and speed. If they hit the requirements of strength for their sport we will move to power output,” said Vogel. 

For people who play baseball, you have to train four to seven hours per week to be successful. If you showcase your speed to college scouts, 7.5 seconds and under is a good time for running a 60 yard dash. If you have skills like speed, power, and a good mentality, then you’re considered “above average for baseball.”

Robert Tate, who plays for the H-F varsity baseball team, says that when he trains during the offseason he focuses on getting “bigger, faster, stronger, and perfecting his position.” He also works out seven hours a week to make sure he stays in shape for the season that’s coming up.

Offseason training is very beneficial for athletes. If your sport is not in season, maybe consider going to the training room one day after school.