Where is Spirit At H-F Now

Lani Lewis, Staff Writer

Over the years, school spirit has always been a big factor

Due to COVID affecting the entire country, it has caused some students to not want to partake in any activities, whether it be in or out of school. 

Courtney Alexander, a career and technical education teacher, is in charge of student government. She is aware of the plans for the upcoming events and weeks for students.

With this year being the first year getting back into the swing of things when it comes to school, there are plenty of fun activities and ideas awaiting after so long.

“The plans are for student government really to just get everybody involved. We’re really trying to increase that school spirit back to what we used to have it, where all the students are participating in activities,” Alexander said. 

The ideas for school spirit play also a part in whether or not students decide to participate.

Alexander talks about how we’ve been in a dark place during the school year due to the coronavirus outbreak and how we weren’t able to do the activities as we could now. She believes her ideas and being back in person would possibly bring back the pride that the H-F community once had prior to the epidemic.

As you know, we have been through a lot over the past two years with the pandemic and it’s played a part in bringing down school spirit, whether it be about students not hearing about it or just being uninterested.

“I think COVID did play a part in it, but even before covid I just think students kinda got disinterested in school spirit. So just trying to get them motivated seeing things you all like, like your Tiktok challenges – and kinda bring that into the fun of everything. So hopefully we can get that school spirit back.” Alexander says.

Here, students have the opportunity to apply their input to what they believe should happen in order for students to be more motivated.

Ava Loudon, one of the higher-ups in student government, also gave her views on what she believes could bring the momentum back.

“I think there’s a lot more school spirit this year, especially after covid. I know student government definitely tried to enforce that a lot more this year by coming up with a lot more activities and just events to get the school spirit up last year cause we’ve been lacking,” Loudon says.

Loudon also talks about what she thinks both parties, students and students government, should do if there’s a lack of school spirit.

“I feel like the activities do have to be fun and allow students to want to have fun, but then I also think that students have their part, they have to be motivated and do it themselves,” Loudon states. 

Besides hearing about what the student government has in store for homecoming week, some faculty members had some things to say.

Superintendent Scott Wakeley gave his opinion about H-F’s school spirit and who should be leading it.

Wakeley talks about how he believes everyone, students and teachers, should be involved with school spirit and that it shouldn’t just be one group of people. He mentions how students should make good decisions and have fun at the same time.

Most people here, or in general, believe that students should be proud of the school they attend. 

If the school doesn’t have anything exciting to offer, then the people here wouldn’t have any enthusiasm.