How to increase school spirit?


Isaiah Adeleke

Hf students cheering for the vikings at the football game !

Homewood-Flossmoor High School is one of the best schools in the nation. However, no amount of trophies, buildings, or academic scholars could hide the one dreading problem: our school spirit. 

There’s no excitement in school, nothing to look forward to, and the evidence is in the hallways. 

When you walk down the halls there are a couple things you’ll see: students, security at their desk, lockers, a trophy case and [maybe] three posters on the wall.

Where are the posters promoting the next school production? Where are the posters promoting the next football game and what the theme is? Where are the posters promoting cool after school clubs such as Anime club, Auto club, Digital arts club, Chess club – there’s a whole Esports team and yet very few people know about it. 

We can’t just rely on VTV to provide the information – not every teacher plays VTV in their classroom. We need posters in the hallway informing the students about the many different activities that are out there for them to do. 

Another thing that needs promoting is the HF spirit wear. We catch a glimpse of it in the campus stores, and it’s cool, but it’s not really shown off. 

There’s not really teachers rocking it, or posters on the wall next to the campus store showing what they have. I feel it would be beneficial if we showcased the products on VTV, sold them at the football games, or even better – throwing t-shirts into the crowd like we did at the Pep Rally. 

Just showcasing the merchandise at Meijers isn’t enough, and leaning over the campus store ledge to see what we have is a lot of work, no one’s going to do. Let’s showcase our Viking Pride!

Another way to amp up our school spirit with clothes is having spirit days. One day out of the week we just have a Spirit day whether that be something as simple as “Black out” or something hilarious and creative as “Bring anything but a backpack” was. 

I remember principal Dr. Alexander talking about ‘Spirit Fridays’ on the morning announcements and I feel like that would be a great and fun way to increase school spirit. 

I totally agree that Homewood Flossmoor school spirit is at an all time low. We need more school spirit around the school and the classrooms. Our mascot should be more present, especially during games that we are competing in. The students should be more involved in the school spirit too.

I feel like in order for students to be more involved in school spirit, the school should have more fun after school activities for students to do. We can do movie nights, T-shirt decorating contests, or even have a talent show. Just to have fun and to get students to be more involved in school things other than just going to games and practice, it’s something we can all do for fun.